Lesson Plan : Tap Dancing and Jiggybops

Teacher Name:
 Miss Amy
 Grade 7-8

 Grade Eight Tap Class
 Key Vocabulary Jiggybops, Scissor Wings, Splits, Cut Ups
 In today's lesson I aim to achieve teaching Jiggybops to my grade eight students. I am not expecting my students to master these steps immediately but to explain the processes and to get them attempting jiggybops by themselves.
 objective 1. To pay attention to my descriptions of how to complete the steps. objective 2. To work together in group to help each other achieve objective 3. To master Jiggybops on the Barre by the end of the lesson
 I will Use the Barre and various chairs for support for the students. I will also use a visual aid of a tap dancer on TV completing the step correctly.
 To Engage my students in the class I will encourage them to work in groups of their choice to help each other maser the steps.
 I will first show my students the video of the dance step being performed correctly on the TV to show them what it should look like and when it can be used. I will then move on to break down indiviual movements within the step explaining each part of the step by performing it myself in slow motion. I will then get the whole class to perform with me in slow motion so that they have someone to copy whilst trying to complete. Once I feel they have understood the step I will then ask them to creak of into groups of three and using the chairs and Barre for balance they can begin to attempt the step correctly.
 Whilst they are practicing the step in their groups I will walk round the class checking that my students are completing the task correctly and to help individuals that may be struggling.
 I will need to spend more time with certain individuals who will take longer to understand the step and i will do this whilst the class are practicing in groups.
Checking For Understanding:
 Before the end of the lesson I will ask each student to perform the step to the best of their ability so i can monitor how well they are progressing
 At the end of the lesson I will explain what we have covered in the lesson and what they will need to do before next lesson. I will ask them how they felt about the step and how well they feel they are progressing.
 I will now mentally evaluate each students progress with the tasks set ans take notes on what needs to be covered next time in the lesson ans which students need more of my time.
Teacher Reflections:
 After completing the above lesson the majority of my students have mastered Jiggybops on the Barre or a chair and will now be ready to attempt the step in the center. There are still a few students that need a bit more help but hopefully with the practice I have asked them to do before next lesson then all my students will be ready to attempt the step in the centre without the use of a barre next lesson.

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