Lesson Plan Title : Creative Dance

Overview and Purpose: Dancing, and for students be engaged in the class.


Students will demonstrate the ability to use basic walking steps in several body directions while demonstrating rhythmic accuracy with their steps. Students will state that dancing makes their heart go faster and is good exercise.

1. Learn the words to the song

2. Learn how to complete the dance

3. Get physical activity out of the exercise


Students will be able to incorporate rhythm, cardiovascular movement with simple dance and locomotion skills.

1. Make sure everyone is paying attention while I demonstrate the dance.

2. Make sure that everyone understands and is able to do the steps.

3. Support the students and engage them to have fun and add their own "twist".


CD player, CD's, and colored dots



Warm up
Students will be walk 2 laps, jog 2 laps, hop one lap and walk the last lap. We will come together and stretch using basic stretches such as, arm circles and toe touches.


Students will help model particular skills and instructions.

Class Practice:

Chicken Dance
Formation: One large circle centered in the middle of gym.
Rules: lst sequence --- 4 beaks
2nd sequence --- four flaps of your wings
3rd sequence --- four wiggles(hips and knees bend low)
4th sequence --- four claps
--skip around the circle when the music changes to the slower beat, then repeat the steps above when the music changes back to the first sequence.

Creative Dance
This activity helps to reinforce students' understanding about various people and animals. Students will stand in various locations around the classroom, with each child far enough from the others to have space to move. Remind students not to talk or touch during this dance activity. Let your children know that you will be playing music and calling out various characters. When they hear the name of a character, they should move as if they were that character. Call out a character such as a "man on the moon" or an animal like a "monkey." Vary the music so that the kids get to move to different genres and tempos. Emphasize that there is no absolutely "correct" way to interpret a character and that students should use express their individuality in their movements. Later ask different students to explain why they chose certain steps to represent certain characters.

Girl Dancing

Independent Practice:

1. Perform complete dance.

2. Show steps, each set of 8 counts.

3. Go through each set twice.

4. Go through steps along with class.

5. Give advice and assistance on how to do the steps.

Learning Checkup:

How did you move when you were give a monkey?

Why? Is dancing exercise?

Wrap Up:

1. Watch class go through steps.

2. Assess the progress and see how well they understand.

3. Give the class feedback on how they are progressing with the task.

4. Tell the class what they can improve on.