Lesson Plan : Cotten Eyed Joe

Teacher Name:
 Elizabeth Martens=Bill
 Grade 1
 Arts and Crafts

 Dance Unit
 Line Dance Rhythm Steady Beat Right Left Folk Song Civil War Style
 Students will perform and master the line dance Cotten Eyed Joe.
 Students will understand the purpose of a steady beat during a dance. Students will recognize the pattern to the dance Cotten Eyed Joe. Students will be able to perform the lyrics to the song Cotten Eyed Joe.
 CD with Allison Krause performing folk song version of Cotten Eyed Joe. CD with line dance version of Cotten Eyed Joe Large room with lots of space to manuever Microphone for directions
 When the students enter the room have the cha cha slide playing. Ask students to name popular dances the jerk, cha cha slide, electric slide Where did these dances come from popular songs of the time Why would you have an organized dance like the cha cha slide?
 A folk song is a traditional song that is popular to a specific area. It has been around for a long time, like hte electric slide, and is passed down from person to person over the years. Many times, a folk song will help tell a story. Listen to the folk song "Cotten Eyed Joe" by Allison Krause What is the story she is trying to tell? What is the mood she is setting with the style of hte folk song? How does this style make you feel? Do you remember the story easier with singing a song or by telling the story?
 Stduents will perform the line dance version of Cottne eyed Joe Listen to the second version What type of style is this version? How does it make you fee?
 Students with problems dancing iwll first observe then participate Students with trouble moving will move to the steady beat and march
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will perform the song in small groups for others to watch
 Folk dances are for people to get together and enjoy themselves. When you have an organized dance, communities can gather for one cause, have fun, and work together!
 Students will need to participate in order to evaluate perfromance. Students will need to explain their emotions in order to explain the style differences.
Teacher Reflections:
 Students enjoyed this lesson. We all had fun and where able to learn some history in teh process!

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