Africa Regions

Contributions, Animals, and Regions of Africa

- Natural Wonders
- Great Lessons

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Africa People

The People and Geography of Africa

- Geography Activities
- Reading Passages

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Printable Africa Worksheets

The world's second largest continent consists of fifty-four countries. Africa is home to just over an estimated billion people that speak an estimated two-thousand different spoken languages. You'll find a great deal of helpful printables and worksheets below.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Africa Adjectives Worksheet
  3. Giraffe Adjectives Worksheet
  4. Elephant Adjectives Worksheet
  5. Lion Adjectives Worksheet
  6. Tiger Adjectives Worksheet
  7. Rhinoceros Adjectives Worksheet
  8. Zebra Adjectives Worksheet
  9. Bank On It
  10. Bank On It Answer Key
  11. Africa Crossword Puzzle
  12. Cryptogram
  13. Do The Research- Africa
  14. Group Creative Writing
  15. Journal Response
  16. KWL
  17. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  18. Africa Vocabulary Maze Worksheet
  19. Vocabulary Quiz
  20. Africa Vocabulary Quiz Worksheet Answer Key
  21. Word Chop

Awesome Teacher Resources for Africa

  1. A Glance At Africa
  2. Africa Lesson Plans
  3. Africa- People and Geography
  4. Africa Teaching Theme
  5. Background Sites On Africa
  6. Biographies of African Americans
  7. Biographies of African Americans Volume 2
  8. Black History Month Teaching Theme
  9. Contributions, Animals, and Major Regions of Africa
  10. Critical Issues Facing Africa
  11. Explorers Teaching Theme
  12. Map Rubric Maker
  13. Slavery Teaching Theme
A Glance At Africa

A Glance At Africa Series

- Traditional Cultures
- Reading Activities

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Africa Issues

Critical Issues Facing Africa

- Health Concerns
- Loss of Wildlife

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