Dinosaur Theme Workbook

- Create your dinosaur
- Great Series

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Dino Starters

Dinosaur Cyberstarters

- Organized Activities
- Just Print and Handout

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Printable Dinosaur Worksheets

The extinct dinosaurs has many widely theorized explanations. The most widely acceptable explanations include the impact of a meteorite, volcanic gases, and changes in climate. Other explanations include a change in Earth's orbit or magnetic field and low reproduction rates as a result of environmental changes. What ever the reason for their extinction, dinosaurs have a permanent home here.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Bank On It!
  3. Cryptogram
  4. Dinosaur Cyberstarters
  5. Dinosaur: Songs/Poems
  6. Dinosaur Theme Book
  7. Do The Research!: Dinosaur Life
  8. Group Creative Writing
  9. If I Were A.... ?
  10. KWL
  11. Maze
  12. Reading Comprehension
  13. Research Your Dinosaur
  14. Venn Diagram: Comparing Eating Habits of Dinosaurs
  15. Vocabulary Quiz
  16. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  17. Word Chop
  18. Word Search

Dinosaur Coloring Sheets

  1. Long Neck
  2. Long Tail
  3. Short
  4. Stand Up

The Affects of Volcanoes

- Volcanoes Affect Climate?
- Reading Activities

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Forces of Nature Lesson Series

- Why Does the Wind Blow?
- Great Skill Builders

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Dinosaur Writing Paper and Bulletin Boards

  1. Dinosaur Belly
  2. Border Paper
  3. Dino Side Border
  4. Dino Top Border
  5. Eating
  6. Scales
  7. Skeleton Upright
  8. Skull
  9. Stego
  10. Startled

Dinosaur Related Teacher Resources

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  3. Dinosaur Lesson Plans
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  7. Paleontology Web Sites For Science Teachers

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