Dinosaurs Lesson Plans

Dinosaurs are the largest animals to have ever walked the land. They range in size, with Sauropods being the most gigantic and Albertonykus being the smallest. The earliest dinosaurs date back to over 200 million years ago. The exact reason for their extinction is not fully known; however, isn't it strange how certain reptiles, such as turtles, lived through the extinction of even the smallest dinosaurs?

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  1. Dinosaur Model Lesson- The children will become aware of what the words "science" and "observe" mean in the context of looking at dinosaur models.
  2. Fossils - The investigation of fossils gives us evidence of how they were formed.
  3. Making Your Own Fossil Prints- What is a fossil? Can I make a fossil print?
  4. Walking with Dinosaurs - Students will create a research web using internet based documents on dinosaurs.
  5. Zoom Dinosaurs: Classroom Activities- A huge resource of class activities.