Ultimate Thanksgiving Series

- Super Series
- Teachers Rave

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November Monthly Helpers

- Teacher Timesavers
- Day-by-day

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November Printable Worksheets

Get your turkeys ready here comes another chilli and fun November. If you are out of ideas, we have you covered this month. You'll find tons of great November worksheets here.

Thanksgiving Worksheets

  1. If I Were A.... ?
  2. Thanksgiving Maze
  3. Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  4. Thanksgiving Fun Workbook
  5. The Ultimate Thanksgiving Lesson Set
  6. Word Libs - November Workbook
  7. Word Search Worksheet

Fall (Autumn) Worksheets

  1. Bank On It! Worksheet
  2. Group Creative Writing
  3. If I Were A.... ?
  4. Fall (Autumn) Maze
  5. How Does Fall Work? Reading Series
  6. Signs of the Fall Autumn Season
  7. Word Search Worksheet

Election Day and Voting Series

- Elections Process
- Super Workhsheets

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How to Study Guide

- Everyone Loves It!
- Review Tool!

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Elections and Voting Worksheets

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Comparing The Role Of Women
  3. KWL
  4. Maze
  5. Reading Comprehension
  6. Voting: Registering and Why It's Important
  7. What Are Political Parties?

Colonial America Worksheets

  1. Colonial Jobs
  2. Packing For A Trip To The Colonies
  3. School Wide Forms Pack
  4. Student Forms Pack
  5. That's My Colony Project
  6. The Settlement of 13 Colonies
  7. Vocabulary List & Definitions
Native Americans

Native American Theme, Vol. 2

- Micmac, Iroquois
- Traditions, Culture

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Thanksgiving Theme Workbook

- Fun For Kids
- Word Problems, Poems

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Veteran's Day Worksheets

  1. Adjectives Worksheet
  2. Cryptogram
  3. Maze
  4. Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  5. Word Search Worksheet

Scientist Appreciation Month Worksheets

  1. Influential Scientists Crossword Puzzle
  2. Influential Scientists Spiral Puzzle
  3. Influential Scientists Vocabulary Quiz
  4. Science Job Word Search
  5. Scientists Vocabulary Words and Definitions

Einstein and Galileo

- Reading Passages
- Understand Them

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When Winter Affects Us

- 312 Pages
- Excites Students

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Native American Worksheets

  1. Characteristics of Native American Tribes
  2. Comparing Tribes VENN Diagram
  3. Native Americans, Pilgrims, and Me
  4. My Totem Pole
  5. Our Tribe

Winter Worksheets

  1. Crossword Puzzle
  2. Cryptogram
  3. Curious About Winter Lesson Set
  4. Health Affects Of Winter Lesson Set
  5. Vocabulary List & Definitions

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