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Colonial Jobs


Directions: Write the correct job description letter next to the job name.




Job Description


1. Baker _____

2. Butcher _____

3. Mason _____

4. Roper _____

5. Saddler ______

6. Tailor ______

7. Blacksmith ______

8. Gunsmith ______

9. Weaver ______

10. Cooper ______

11. Miller ______

12. Hatter ______


a. Stone cutter

b. Ground wheat to make flour

c. Fabric maker

d. Made hats

e. Made iron tools and utensils

f. Made and repaired buckets, tubs and barrels

g. Prepared and sold meat

h. Rope maker

i. Maker of fine clothing

j. Saddle maker

k. Bread maker

l. Maker of rifles and guns

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