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Probability and Statistics Worksheets

These two topics are so closely related that they are often thought of as one and the same. You'll find some really helpful printables here. We start out very basic and work our way toward the challenging work.
Ascending Order and Range
One essential skill that is often overlooked is how to sort data properly.
Statistics & Probability with Cards
Off course we include playing cards.
Finding the Mean of a Data Set
We show you how to find the average (mean) of a data set.
Coin Probability Theoretical vs. Experimental Probability
This is a fun experiment; you just need a coin.
Calculating Mean, Median, Mode and Range
A the measures of central tendency.
Choice Based Probability
Pay attention to what each question asks here.
Calculating Mode
Find the most frequently observed part of the data.
Basketball Draft Probability
A real-life use of math for you.
Calculating the Median of a Data Set
The part of the data set that separates it into two parts.
Probability Word Problems
A collection of various forms of probability.
Understanding Frequency
We introduce frequency and the concept of cumulative frequency.
Spinner Probability with Critical Thinking
We use your typical game board spinner to work on this one.
Arranged Quartiles
We show how norm referenced curves are created.
Tally Worksheets
We ask you to interpret tally marks for us.
Central Tendency Word Problems
We put you in real world situations and ask you to do math.
Probability and Dependent Events
How one event affects the outcome of another event.
Draw Tally Marks and Recording Frequency
We give you raw data sets and ask you to chart them out nicely for us.
Probability and Independent Events
When events don't directly affect total outcomes.
Stem and Leaf Plots
A great walk through on the subject.
Balls in the Hopper (Data and Probability)
The gym teacher's nightmare with a crazy ball carrier.
Fishing For the Right Fish (Probability in Fishing)
We just wished fishing was this simple.
Probability and Statistics Pack
A really deep review of the content area.
Statistics Teaching Theme
We go over the ins and outs here.
Calculating Means Workbook Vol. 1
We go over finding averages.
Ordering, Sequence Worksheets
Great for pattern recognition.
Calculating Means Workbook Vol. 2
We add a great number of other problems for you.
Order Of Operations Worksheets
Time for good old PEMDAS.
Determining Median Workbook
Find that middle part of the data.
Order of Operations Lesson Plans
Lessons and activities for your students.
Determining Mode Workbook
We fully cover this topic for you.
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