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Rounding and Estimation Series

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Rounding Worksheets

Our rounding worksheets range from rounding to the nearest millions to the nearest ten-thousands place. We also have mixed rounding sheets here too. We cover all skills found in the standards.

Mixed Place Values


Rounding Word Problems Around Town
Problems that require you to round to complete them.
Rounding To Tenths in the Clouds
Match the planes and the clouds.
Mixed Review on Place Value, Rounding, and Integers
This is a fun one. It covers all core skills.
Round Decimals to the Nearest Tenths
Very straight forward to complete.
Rounding Series
We ask you to round to just about every place value.
Rounding Multiple Choice
Perfect for test prep.
Round to the Nearest Tenths (Showing Ten-Thousandths)
Don't get fooled by such an extended place set.
Add and Round
This is a great way to compare an estimate to an actual problem.
Rounding Hundredths Decimals To the Nearest Tenths
We add an extra place value to our skill set.
Subtract and Round
Take the difference and compare it to an estimate.
Round Decimals to the Nearest Tenths in Words
Kids have a great deal of difficulty with these.
Text Based Mixed Rounding
We use words to define the integers.
Round Decimals to the Nearest Hundredths
A simple, yet effective sheet.

Nearest Tens Place

Round to the Nearest Hundredths (Showing Ten-Thousandths)
We step up the values here.

Rounding Papers to Folders (Round to Nearest Tens)
Match the papers to the folders that they belong to.
Round Word Decimals to the Nearest Hundredths
The tenths place seems to give them trouble here.
Round to the Nearest Tens Place
We use double digits to get you started.
Round Decimals to the Nearest Thousandths
This is the top level skill that the Core cites.
Round to the Nearest Tens Place with Words
We go all English on the integers.

Rounding Money

Round Three Digits to the Nearest Tens Place
Students sometimes have a problem leaving that upper place value alone.
Round to the Nearest Dollar $$
There are many version on this one to practice with.
Round Three Digits to the Nearest Tens Place (In Words)
The larger words start throwing kids for a loop.

Super Rounding Helpers

Round Four Digits to the Nearest Tens Place
Remember that you are only worried about the tens place.

Rounding & Estimation Pack
A great deep review of all core skills.

Large Value Rounding

Math Worksheet Generator
Make your own custom worksheet.

Get to Your Ship and Round to the Nearest Hundreds

Place Value, Proportions & Ratios Pack
A deep review of all major skills.
Round to the Nearest Hundreds Place
We sometimes assume that if students do well with the tens place and decimals that this is easy. That's not always the case.
Place Value Worksheets
This is a category that we are very proud of. You will find a ton of great worksheets in here.
Round to the Nearest Thousands
An easy, but often over looked skill.
Do Now! (Grade Specific) Math Worksheets
These are great to kick off your day.
Round to the Nearest Ten Thousands Place
We start moving up in the world.
Rounding Decimals - Vol. 1
A quick and easy rote review for students.
Round to the Nearest Millions
The highest place value the standards cover.
Working With Decimals In Math Pack
We also have step-by-step work available too.

Rounding and Estimation Pack

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Place Value

Place Value, Proportions, Ratios Pack

- Student Helper
- Great Practice

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