Place Value Worksheets

The concept of place value is often tough for a number of young learners. We have plenty of practice to help you. We start out very basic and give you a great deal of helpful reference tables and charts.

Working With Values (Tens and Ones)

More Advanced Level Problems

Place Value Tens and Ones
A great stepping stone for students.
Place Value Word Problems
These problems are aligned to Core standards.
Ones and Tens Place Value Cubes
The visual ofd the 3-D cubes makes it easier for students to understand the concepts.
What Number Are You Talking About?
This is somewhat of a puzzle worksheet.
Place Value to 99 Review Sheet
A deep review of all the basics of the core concept.
Make the Greatest Possible Number
Rearrange the number to get the max. value.
Know Your Place (Tens and Ones)
Identify if it's a ones or tens place.
Make the Smallest Possible Number
Shuffle the numbers to get the smallest value possible.
Make Me Big!
This is a review of the two above worksheets.
Compare Physical Numbers (Ones and Tens Place Values)
You compare just the place value, not the integers themselves.

Quick Reference Helpers

Matching Names to Numbers (Ones and Tens Place)
This is a commonly tested skill.
Place Value Chart (4 places)
From thousands to thousandths, this lays it out for you.
Cut and Paste Order Cards (Tens and One)
A fun cooperative review activity for kids.
Place Value Chart (6 places)
A very large set of places and it includes decimals.

Working With Larger Values (Ones to Thousands)

Billions Whole Number Place Value Chart
We go over every major whole place value.
Ones, Tens, and Hundreds Ordered Place Value Cubes
The visual is a great way to introduce them to it.
Where Do the Commas Go?
This is a skill we often forget about.

Expanded Form of Numbers

Place Value Hundreds, Tens, and Ones
This is a pretty easy one.
Standard Form to Expanded form (Ones and Tens Places)
This is your basic introductory sheet.
Missing Place Value Worksheet to 100
Insert the values to make both sides equal.
Expanded form to Standard Form (Ones and Tens)
Students have an easier time with this format.
Missing Place Value Worksheet to 1000
Same as the one above, we just go a place higher.
Write Place Values Worksheet to 1000
Ditto from the one sheet above this.
Matching Names to Numbers
Not as easy as you would think for most kids.
Naming Numbers (Hundreds, Tens, and Ones)
We ask students to generate names.
Writing Larger Numbers in Expanded Form Standard
This is a skill that carries into middle school.
Write Place Values Worksheet to 100
A core skill that only 65% mastered last year.

Working With Larger Places

Cut and Paste Order Cards (Ones, Tens, Hundreds)
A fun game you can play with a partner or yourself. 3 versions in 1.
Place Value Puzzle
We ask you to guess the numbers that we describe.

Grade Leveled Work

Missing Place Value Worksheet to 10,000
Fill in the missing places.
Missing Place Value Worksheet to 100,000
Same as above just a jump up in value.
Place Value Worksheet to 9,999
We ask you to name the underlined place.
Place Value Worksheet to 99,999
Same as above just up in the ten-thousands.
Place Value Worksheet to 999999
Just under a million, but same as above.
Write Place Values Worksheet to 10000
This is an easy, but lengthy worksheet.
Compare the Value of Places
Grade 4 Mastery Skill

Science Related Notation

Scientific Notation
A core standard skill.
Irregular Scientific Notation
You usually don't see that in a lab, unless you need to re-verify data.

Place Value Related Teacher Resources

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