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  1. Got the Time? (Math Word Problems)- Math word problems put students' telling-time/clock skills to practical use.
  2. Half Hours- To teach telling time to the half hour To introduce telling time on a digital clock.
  3. Hours- To introduce the elements of a clock and explain their functions. To teach telling time to the hour.
  4. How Long is Five Minutes? - This lesson on telling time will expose children to analog and digital clocks and how they work.
  5. Just a Minute!- Help students put one minute in perspective.
  6. Mapping the Past- This lesson provides students with experience in working with historical maps as cultural artifacts that reflect the views of particular times and places.
  7. Meeting Up With Time - At the end of the lesson, the student(s) should: understand the definition of time; have an appreciation for time; and understand how a clock works.
  8. Seasonal Changes- Students will understand seasonal effects on plants and animals Students will be able to identify physical changes caused by the seasons.
  9. Teaching Students to Tell Time: Three Resources for Busy Teachers- Three activity sheets help develop and reinforce students' clock/telling-time skills.
  10. Tell Time - The students will follow directions for experiments.
  11. Telling Time Analog and Digital - To understand the workings of an analog clock and to tell time on he hour, the half hour, quarter hour, and at 5-minute intervals.
  12. Telling Time As A Form Of Measurement - Have students understand how to tell time with a digital clock along with an analog clock.
  13. Telling Time With A Clock - Recognize the attributes of time.
  14. Telling Time on a Clock - Students will use their knowledge of how to tell time, to help them read a digital clock.
  15. Telling Time to the Hour - The lesson introduces the "hour" and "minute" hands. This lesson will also use a traditional clock.
  16. The Calendar- To teach the names of the days of the week in order. To introduce the names of the months of the year. To teach the relationship between days, weeks, months and years.
  17. The Sun and Sundial- The students will learn about the role of the sun in the galaxy. Students will understand how to use the sun to tell time.
  18. The Tools For Telling Time - By the end of this lesson, students will be able to identify the tools needed to tell time.
  19. Tick-Tock: Biological Clock- Students explore the concept of time and their own internal abilities to keep time. Then they consider the importance of biological clocks to migratory species.
  20. Time Capsule- Students will understand how to build a picture of life so that when asked to put together a time capsule they will be able to do so and give reasons to support the chosen items.
  21. Time lines : Chronology - To create time lines to demonstrate an understanding of units of time and chronological order.
  22. Time Management- This lesson addresses the skills needed to manage personal and work time.
  23. Time Marches On And So Do We- A huge theme unit plan.
  24. Two Ways to Read the Time- Why is it important to have schedules? What are some of the schedules that children keep?
  25. What Causes Seasons- Students will be able to explain what causes seasons to change. Students will be able to identify physical changes caused by the seasons.
  26. What Time Is It On The Clock? - The goal of this lesson is to teach the children how to tell time by reading the hands on a clock.
  27. What Time is It? - The learner will be able to identify the time to the hour on the digital and analog clock.

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