Lesson Plan : Elapsed time/Calendars

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 Grade 3

 Using Calendars and Schedules to determine elapsed time.
 Math - Time, Measurement Vocabulary: Ordinal numbers 1st through 5th, Days of the week, clockwise, half hour, quarter hour, til, past.
 Using a Calendar and/or a Schedule chart, students will be able to solve problems involving elapsed time.
 Students will be able to use a calendar to determine a date 1 - 5 weeks in the future. Students will be able to use a time schedule to determine ending time of a given event.
 Wall Calendar, teacher made schedule, Judy Clock, Classroom Clock, desk clocks
 Discussion on why it's important to be able to predict when an event will occur or conclude based on current date and/or time. How are schedules a part of your school day?
 Given a calendar of the current month, ask Students to tell you how many weeks and days until Thanksgiving. Walk them through the process of determining what today is, when Thanksgiving is, how many full weeks between now and then, and how many days left over. Write your answer on board.
 Given a calendar page created by the teacher, students will follow directions using vis-a-vis markers on an overhead calendar to indicate when a stated date will be. i.e. Color the 3rd Tuesday in the month yellow. Put a red circle around the last Friday of the month. Mark a green X on the day after the 2nd Monday...
 Small Group direct instruction for targeted remediation group. Individual assistance and feedback to others during activity.
Checking For Understanding:
 FCAT Practice workbook page on Calendars/Schedules/elapsed time.
 Students receive a calendar for the following month to complete. They are told to refer to it in order to answer daily questions during the "First 5 minutes" math warm-up each morning.
 Teacher observations, graded FCAT practice workbook page, Continual spiral review practice at least 1x weekly.
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