Lesson Plan : Telling Time As A Form Of Measurement

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Sieka
 Grade 5

 Understanding time as a form of measurement
 Discuss the purpose of telling time and the different ways that it is expressed. Key vocabulary will be minutes, seconds, hours, half hour, counter clockwise and clockwise.
 Have students understand how to tell time with a digital clock along with an analog clock. An to understand that we use time as a form of measurement.
 Students will have to construct a clock using a paper plate, oak tag and fasteners. They will use these clocks to express different times that will be given to them orally after the construction has been completed
 clock, journals, dry erase board, dry erase makers, paper plates, fasteners, black oak tag(arrows), pencils
 Ask students, "why is it important to know how to tell time?"
 Using a clock show the students the different parts of the clock and what they are used for. Also show them how to count fowards and backwards on the clock.
 Using a clock drawn on the dry erase board, ask students what time is on the clock. Have them assess early times and predict later times based on the questions I ask.
 Students will be allowed to help each other in constructing the clocks. If they finish early there will be a worksheet to do. Other students will be given more time and put together to help one another.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be asked a series of times that they will have to represent with their clocks. They will then have to hold the clocks up to show their answer.
 Explain that this is the beginning of a measurement unit and that time will be a part of this whole unit.
 I will be able to determine which students are still having a difficult time with this concept. I will be able to make adjustments in my teaching strategies as the unit continues.
Teacher Reflections:
 The lesson is designed to make time more tangible for the students even though it is a pretty intangible concept. I know that their success is base on my ability to relay the information into context of which they can understand.

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