Lesson Plan : Time lines- Chronology

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. crowder
 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 How to create time lines and how to identify possible relationships between events.
 time line, decade, century, interval
 Students to be able to create a time line. (Label dates, events on correct intervals. Students to also be able to identify possible relationships between events.
 To create time lines to demonstrate an understanding of units of time and chronological order.
 time line examples, list of events for time line, time line creator paper
 Show examples of various time lines especially personal time lines about ones life. Ask students to give a thumbs up if they know a lot about time lines, a thumb turned sideways if they know some, and a thumbs down if they don't know too much about time lines.
 Model how to fold the time line creator paper into a time line. First fold laterally four times...you should then have four intervals. Allow students to do the folds with you. Next ask students to decided what years should be placed on the time line according to the dates provided.
 Next the first interval should represent 1480, the second should represent 1490, the third-eighth (1500-1530). Students should be able to tell you that there is 80 years represented in the time line. They should also point out that there each interval represents 10 years.
 Make labels for a Joe, because he has trouble writing the labeled information. Use color-coding for Dave in order for him to better understand. For the three TAG students, Sue, Bill, Dawn, allow them to make a time line that covers more dates and time frames from page 156.
Checking For Understanding:
 Check to see if students are correctly understanding how to plot the correct date and how to correctly label the dates. Also make sure students understand how to calculate the difference in the events from looking at the time line. Addition and/or subtraction can be displayed on the back of their time line.
 Clearly alert students to double check their plotting of dates.
 Check to see if students need extra practice or if they need to create more challenging time lines.
Teacher Reflections:
 Allow students to do a personal time line. Allow much more time. Nearly 30 minutes instead of <10 minutes. Use of overhead projector in order for each student to clearly see what is expected of them. Be able to discuss purpose and other items to list on time lines instead of being told to wrap up the time line lesson. I believe students would have understood the purpose of time lines much more if they could have discussed more personal items about time lines.

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