Ultimate Halloween Series

- Everything For the 31st
- Awesome Set

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October Monthly Helpers

- Easy October!
- One For Each October Day

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October Lesson Plans

  1. Boo-ographies
  2. Eco-terrorism in Vail, CO
  3. October Monthly Helpers

Halloween Lesson Plans

  1. A Broom's Story
  2. Bat Mobiles
  3. Candy Corn Poetry
  4. Candy Graphs
  5. Halloween Safety
  6. Halloween Then and Now
  7. Harvest Moon
  8. Neighborhood Map
  9. Superstitions
  10. The Average Temperature on Halloween Night
  11. Weighing Pumpkin
  12. The Ultimate Halloween Reading & Lesson Series

Explorers: Columbus and Magellan

- Their Journeys
- Fantastic Questions

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How Does Fall Work? Series

- Ready for the Fall Season?
- Over 312 Pages To Print

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Columbus Day / Explorers

  1. 10 Influential Women Who Changed History
  2. Explorers of the New World
  3. Famous Explorers Cartier, Cortez, Dagama
  4. Famous Explorers Cabot, Ponce de Leon, Smith
  5. Famous Explorers Columbus & Magellan
  6. Famous Explorers Marco Polo & Henry Hudson
  7. North by Way of a Magnet

Fall /Autumn Lessons

  1. Autumn Leaves Are Falling
  2. How Does Fall Work? Reading Series
  3. How Tall in the Fall?
  4. Signs of the Fall Autumn Season
  5. The Leaves of Autumn
  6. Word Libs - Fall Theme

Influential Authors

- Storytellers
- Their Work and Life

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World Leaders Series

- Leaders Through Time
- Achievements

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National Book Month

  1. Author Study
  2. Ernest Hemingway, George Orwell and Ayn Rand
  3. High School Level Reading Comprehension
  4. J.D. Salinger, Kurt Vonnegut and James Joyce
  5. Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf Set
  6. Middle School Level Reading Comprehension
  7. Wanted: New Authors!

United Nations Day Lesson Plans

  1. Civil Rights & Immigration Lesson Set
  2. Franklin Roosevelt, Truman & Eisenhower
  3. Human Rights
  4. Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and Alexander the Great
  5. Mao Zedong and Tokugawa Ieyasu Lesson Set
  6. Mohandas Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth I, & Isabella
  7. Montezuma and Shaka Zulu Lesson Set
  8. Theodore Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson
  9. United Nations
  10. United Nations in Postwar Iraq

Love Your Pets Week Lesson Plans

  1. A Guinea Pig Makes An Excellent Classroom Pet
  2. Animals and Their Coverings
  3. Be A "Peder-Reader"
  4. Cyber-Starters, Animals Workbook
  5. D'Nealian´┐Ż Block Letters- Animals
  6. Farm Animals Theme Workbook
  7. Making Your Dog Your Best Friend
  8. Reading Comprehension: Animals
  9. Wonderful Worms

Things We Always Wondered

- About Animals
- Kids Enjoy It!

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Scientific Method

Application of the Scientific Method

- Guided Skill Builder
- Perfect For Science

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What's Your Invention Day Lesson Plans

  1. Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Edison
  2. Application of the Scientific Method
  3. Imagine That
  4. Inventors: Biro, Ginsburg, & Eli Whitney
  5. Inventors: Benjamin Franklin & Henry Ford
  6. In Line with Time
  7. Gutenberg, Morse & The Wright Brothers
  8. Incredible Inventions That Make A Difference
  9. Introduction to the Scientific Method
  10. Inventing a New Life

International Dinosaur Month

  1. Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton
  2. Dinosaur Cyberstarters
  3. Dinosaur Theme Workbook
  4. Top 100 Science Vocabulary Words

Children's Health Month Lesson Plans

  1. Aerobic Fitness Training Lesson Plan
  2. Aspects of Individual Human Blood Pressure
  3. Blood and the Circulatory System Set
  4. Breathe In, Breath Out
  5. Digestive, Circulatory, and Respiratory
  6. Endocrine, Nervous, Respiratory and Urinary Systems
  7. How Do Toxins Affect the Human Body?
  8. Human Body - Early Elementary Level
  9. Human Digestive System and Food Set
  10. Learning the Bones and Muscles of the Head and Face

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