Lesson Plan Title : Bat Mobiles

Age Range: Grade 6 through grade 8 (Middle School)

Overview and Purpose: In this lesson, students create Model Magic bat mobiles. Each mobile has a model of a bat and several bat facts listed on it.

Objective: The student will be able to

*make a model bat out of Model Magic.

*list at least five facts about bats.


Model Magic

Construction paper

Dowel rods

String Bat




Have students work together in small groups to research facts about bats. Have them use the research to create a bat mobile that is made from Model Magic, construction paper, dowel rods and string. Have them use the Model Magic to make a replica of the type of bat they researched. (After it is dry, the students can attach it to the dowel rod.) Then have the students write the facts they gathered on bat shaped pieces of construction paper and attach those to the dowel rod. Once everyone is finished, have them share their facts with the class.

Wrap Up:

You could continue this lesson by having students create a report about the type of bat they studied. You could also make a 'bat cave' in one corner of your room. Challenge your students to come up with as many bat facts as they can during the month of October. Each fact can be written only once on a bat and placed on the wall. At the end of the month see how many original facts are listed in the cave.