Lesson Plan Title : Weighing Pumpkins

Age Range: Grade 3 through grade 5 (Elementary School)

Overview and Purpose: In this lesson students will estimate how much different pumpkins weigh. They will then weigh the pumpkins to see how close their estimates were.

Objective: The student will be able to

*estimate how much different pumpkins weigh.

*weigh the pumpkins and calculate the difference between what was estimated and the actual weight.



Pumpkins of various weights and sizes

Teacher created worksheet


Ahead of time number the pumpkins and set the room up in stations. Include one or two pumpkins and a scale at each station. Pass out the worksheets and divide the class into groups of three. Have each group start at a different station and rotate around the room.

Sample worksheet:

Pumpkin number
Weight estimate
Actual weight
Difference between the estimate and the actual weight
1 5 pounds 9 pounds 4 pounds

Wrap Up:

Try to include pumpkins of similar size but varying weights, tiny pumpkins, and pumpkins that are oddly shaped. For homework students can be challenged to find the average weight of all the pumpkins, the mean, and the range of weight.