December Holidays

Ultimate December Holidays Around the World

- Why is there Kwanzaa?
- Who celebrates it?

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Kwanzaa Theme

- Reading Skills
- Writing Skills

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Kwanzaa Lesson Plans

Complete Kwanzaa Workbook (in .pdf)
Kwanzaa Teaching Theme
Kwanzaa Worksheets

December Lessons

Ultimate December Lesson Series

- Reading Builders
- Writing Process

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December Monthly Helpers

- December Events
- One For Each Day

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More Lesson Plans From Other Sites

  1. Class Quilt- This activity will promote acceptance of diversity within the classroom through the creation of a class quilt.
  2. Habari Gani? -- What's the News?- Learn about Kwanzaa, the world's fastest growing holiday, with these activities and Internet links.
  3. Kwanzza: An African-American Celebration- A thorough exploration of this holiday.
  4. Kwanzaa Lesson Plan- Some of the vocabulary may be challenging - tell the stds that you will be looking at some of it during the lesson.
  5. Kwanzaa Mini Unit- Students will recognize that families can be strengthened as a result of a holiday.
  6. Kwanzaa Mini Unit 2- Students will identify similarities and differences between the celebrations: Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa.
  7. Kwanzaa Symbol Strips- Learn about Kwanzaa and traditional Adinkra weaving patterns used on Kente cloth.
  8. Kwanzaaa, What Is It?- A college article.
  9. Kwanzaa Recipes
  10. Piece of Bread- Students will recognize that philanthropy is a vital part of the African American community.
  11. The Whole World Celebrated Christmas! Right?- This lesson is for use during the weeks before the Christmas break. This will be great for middle school students. It is a comparison of the other religious holidays that are celebrated around this same time of year.
  12. What Is Kwanzaa?- "Students will identify main ideas and details related to the celebration of Kwanzaa."
  13. Your Kwanzaa Workbook- A hands-on project.

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