Lesson Plan Title : Ready for Kwanzaa

Age Range: Grade 3 through grade 5 (Elementary)

Overview and Purpose: This is a multi-day project that gets your room ready for the celebration of Kwanzaa. Students use the traditional colors and other materials to create the symbols that represent the seven principles of Kwanzaa.

Objective: The student will be able to decorate the classroom with traditional items for the celebration of Kwanzaa.


Information about the decorations used for Kwanzaa

Red, green, and black construction paper

Red, green, and black paint

Red, green, and black candles




Other various items you could use to decorate with


Using the information that you have provided, have students create decorations for a Kwanzaa celebration. Ideas include: paper chains made out of three colors of construction paper, a candle holder for the candles made out of various sized toilet paper rolls that have been banded together, and fruits and vegetables that are made from paper mãche and painted.

Wrap Up:

This multi-day project can culminate in the Kwanzaa feast. You can have each student bring in a different type of traditional food that is served at Kwanzaa.