Lesson Plan : Understanding & Creating Kwanzaa

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Amber M. Davis
 Grade 4
 Arts and Crafts

 The holiday Kwanzaa which is a celebration of African-American culture.
 Kwanzaa- first fruits of the harvest Nguzo Saba- seven principles of Kwanzaa 1) Umoja- unity day 2) Kujichagulia- self determination 3) Ujima- collective work and responsibility 4) Ujamaa- cooperative economics 5) Nia- purpose 6) Kuumba- creativity 7) Imani- faith collage- an artistic composition of materials
  The students will: 1) Learn about Kwanzaa as a holdiay in the US and how it derives from Kwanza in Africa a) be able to recall the meanings of the seven principles of Kwanzaa b) Learn to connect their cultural ideas to that of the motherland 2) Discover the exiistence of and gain appreciation for African-Americans as artists as they will be used as examples. 3) Create various art pieces while becoming familiar with different media.
 Objectives: Day 1 (Umoja) Objectives 1) Learn the meaning of Umoja 2) Grasp the concept that each person in a family is a unit and therefore hass the potential to attribute to unity 3) Better understand the structure of the human face 4) Become familiar with the use of colored pencil as a medium There are 7 days in Kwanzaa, there will be a lesson for each. Umoja is the first day and will be the focus of this writen lesson plan.
 (vary by day) Day 1 Materials (for Umoja) 1) sketch book paper 2) construction paper 3) glue 4) colored pencils 5) picture of family members
 1)Students will be prepared to bring in family photos ahead of time. 2) To intoduce this the teacher will bring in a photo of her family and discuss a scene where unity was apparent within her family. 3) Students will discuss when they have had a similiar experience.
 Development: Teacher will begin a demonstration in frontof class on how to begin and preferably already have a completed sample as well.
  Students will be set up in groups and help to give postive feedback to one another.
 Accommodations: Students who may not possess the motor skills to use colored pencils may use a paint brush which is more viable and may result in a more creative finished piece.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be given an art test where they wil be given the ability to listen to each principle in Kwanzaa called out loud and will draw a picture of what the principle means to them.
 Students will be given the opportunity to share and explain their artwork.
 Progression in art is the ability to create, critique effectly, and express ones feelings. The more enhanced these abilties become the better measure of progress is made.
Teacher Reflections:
 By including African American artists not only in specifically African-American themes the teacher allows the student to know that African American artists are just as important as others and should be included in everyday discussions as artists and not just as African Americans.

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