Internet Research Skills Worksheets

These worksheets are great to help students learn more about the Internet. If you would like to test your students ability to use the Internet as a Research tool we have a great set of Internet Research worksheets.

  1. Acrostic Poem
  2. Computer Monitor
  3. Internet Access Bank On It! Worksheet
  4. Internet Word Scramble Worksheet
  5. Do The Research!: The Numbers
  6. Group Creative Writing
  7. The Internet and Real World Venn Diagram
  8. Internet Sources and Library Catalogs Venn Diagram
  9. Internet Wording
  10. KWL
  11. Monitors Around the World
  12. Mouse Around the World
  13. Reading Comprehension
  14. Vocabulary List & Definitions
  15. Vocabulary Quiz
  16. Word Chop
  17. Word Search
  18. Word Search Answer Key

Internet Research Teacher Resources">Five Secrets for Parents to Help Encourage Responsible Use of the Internet
  1. Internet Acronyms Every Teacher & Parent Needs to Know
  2. Kids' Browsers: To Block or not to Block?
  3. The Internet Lesson Plans
  4. The Internet Teaching Theme