• St. Patrick's Day Printable Worksheets
  • Ready to wear green? See any little leprechauns running around? It's time for shamrock shakes again! We have a great collection of worksheets for you.

    Worksheets and Puzzles

    1. Acrostic Poem
    2. Bank On It! Worksheet
    3. Crossword Puzzle
    4. Cryptogram
    5. Do The Research- St. Patrick's Day
    6. Group Creative Writing
    7. KWL
    8. Handwriting Worksheet
    9. Maze
    10. Reading Comprehension Worksheet
    11. Vocabulary List & Definitions
    12. Vocabulary Quiz
    13. Word Chop
    14. Word Scramble Worksheet
    15. Word Search Worksheet

    Complete Spring Worksheet and Lesson Series

    1. St. Patrick's Day Lesson Plans
    2. St. Patrick's Day Teaching Theme

    St. Patrick's Day Adjective Worksheets

    1. Cabbage
    2. Leprechaun
    3. Pot O' Gold
    4. Shamrock
    5. St. Patrick's Day Parade

    St. Patrick's Day Songs

    1. I'm a Little Leprechaun
    2. Leprechaun
    3. St. Patrick's Day
    4. The Leprechauns are Marching
    5. The Wearin' O' the Green