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St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary Quiz Worksheet

Directions: Match the vocabulary words on the left with the definitions on the right.

1. gold a seaport in Ireland that also serves as the Capital city
2. emerald a major seaport and city in the upper part of Ireland
3. colcannon a colorful bow of arcs that appears due to the reflection of sunlight and rain
4. leprechaun a small person characterized as descending from Ireland with a large affinity for gold
5. shamrock a missionary and bishop from ancient Ireland ; the patron saint of Ireland
6. irish a procession held in the spirit of celebration and in a festive atmosphere
7. dublin a monetary unit as pertained to a precious yellow metal. the metal is highly unreactive and has many modern day uses.
8. belfast an unexplainable force that usually perpetuates itself in the form of good happenings
9. blarney stone a small flowered clover that also represents the symbol of Ireland
10. rainbow an Irish casserole consisting of cabbage and other vegetables mashed with potatoes
11. saint Someone or something that has inhabited from Ireland
12. St. Patrick a stone in Ireland that is traditionally kissed to achieve prowess
13. parade a person who has dedicated their life to extreme holiness and purity
14. luck an extremely rare gem that is colored green by chromium

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