Reading Data Tables Worksheets

These worksheets help students who are learning to read data tables and charts for the first time. You will also organize data into data tables as well. You can also use our graphing or survey section.

Reading Ice Cream Sales Data Tables
Analyze the pattern of ice cream sales at Carver Elementary.

Tara's New Flower Garden
Tara plant a unique mix of plants with different color petals.

Jeff the Builder - Making Small Data Tables
Jeff takes notes every day. Help him organize those notes into a bona fide data table.

Jeff the Builder - Reading Data Tables
We take the previous data and form it into and active data set for your analysis.

Making a Data Chart of Fancy Cars
This is a larger data set than previous worksheets. We provide you with a table area as well.

Kelly's Luxury Cars - Reading Charts and Data Tables
Please note that this data differs from the previous version of the worksheet.

Class Survey Worksheets
These are really fu activities to do as a class.

Graphing Worksheets
We have one of the largest collections available anywhere.