Student Survey Worksheets

These are great little surveys you can have the students complete. They can lead to great class activities to work on data analysis and manipulation skills.

Class Survey Sheet (Scale)
A blank likert scale of sorts. A great way to offer up a opinions on a series of questions. Are you collecting Yes/No data? This is a sheet that can standardize that process for you in minutes.

Class Survey Sheet (Yes, No)
When you have a simple Yes or No survey, this is the one you will want to use. This is a simple form to help you collect data from surveys. This follows the basic Likert scale format.

Determining Your Classes Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream Activity

Class Survey Ice Cream Brainstorms
We start by dreaming up possible flavors to choose from. We start our survey by asking students to think of different ice cream flavors by brain storming. As a group students should compile a list of their favorites in the scoops below. Ten minutes should do it for this part of the survey.

Class Survey Ice Cream Top Rankings
We narrow the field down to four flavors for the final vote. Students narrow the matrix of choices just down to 4. They rank their favorites. You can do it with a basic show of hands or actually debate it out. Note: Debates take about 15 minutes, if you choose to do them.

Class Survey Ice Cream Data Breakdown
We analyze the data and determine our individual ratings of each flavor. We find out the rankings that all students gave the final four flavors. We then find a total group score and the overall rankings.

Graphing Data: Class Survey Ice Cream
Students make a bar graph of all the data. Students create a bar graph of the results of our activity. They then answer questions based on this data that they displayed.

What Is The Class's Favorite Movie Activity

Brainstorming Sheet
First, we have the class identify a bunch of movies that they might consider to be their favorite. We try to determine the class's favorite film. The first step is to decide on our 12 favorite flicks to start. Let the brains begin!

Data Collection Sheet
We cut the field down to 4 movies and have each student rank those 4 movies. Students determine 2 positive attributes of each movie. After review those traits, students rank those 4 movies from their favorite to least favorite.

Data Analysis Sheet
We take all the rankings and come up with a total for all student scores and determine the winner. We take all the student's ranking and compile them into a total ranking. At the end we are left with an overall rankings for each movie. We don't average with this one.

Movie Bar Graph
We analyze the data and determine the true leader of the pack. Students take all the class data and make a culmative bar graph. They then answer questions based on that graph.

What's Your Favorite Musical Artist?

Survey Sheet
What is your favorite band? Lets look at this question as an entire class. We brain storm out our favorite musicians. We think of 12 to start and then as a class students pick their favorite 4 artists.

Data Collection Worksheet
Put all the data together and rank your top four musicians. Students take the 4 artists that they have settled on and write 2 positive attributes of those bands or acts. After reviewing that all students make their own personal ranking system for these artists.

Data Analysis
In this sheet we look at the whole class's rankings and determine a winner. We sort through the rankings of all individual students and compile them into a group to determine and overall rank and score for the artists.

Graphing Musical Artists Choices
We make a quick graph and answer a few questions. You create a graph for the data that you just analyzed in the previous sheet. You will also answer a number of questions that come attached to it.

My Class's Favorite Sport Survey

Brainstorming Sheet
The class looks at sports and determine which sport they overall like to play and watch the most. As a class, try to find your favorite sport. This would be a sport that you enjoy playing and watching. In this sheet you determine the sports that stick out in your mind.

Data Collection Sheet
We list all the pros and cons of playing and watching these sports. This is a neat one. Take the 4 sports that your class has identified and now you need to write what is good and bad about watching these sports and playing them.

Ranking Sheet
Narrow the field down to four sports and rank those sports by yourself. Rank all the sports by your preferences and answer the questions that accompany it.

Data Analysis Sheet
We look at everyone's rankings and compile the data. Determine the average score and rank among all students that were part of the survey.

Creative Graph Comparison of Our Favorite Sports
We determine our favorite sport and graph it too. You make a quick graph of the data that was collected and compare yourself to the group as a whole.

My Favorite Television Show Survey

Brain Storming Sheet
You will notice that this one is run a bit differently than the other activities above. Have a deep conversation about your favorite movies. There so many channels available now that this can be an endless activity, if you don't guide the brainstorming process well.

Data Collection Sheet
We look at the class's favorite shows and rank them. This survey is bit more difficult to proceed with because many children have strong feelings towards their favorite TV shows. Start by narrowing the field to just 5 shows.

My TV Show - Round 2 of Data Collection Sheet
We use a layered point system to determine the winner. We have you breakdown the voting results of all students into a digestible number and use a number replacement system to make it bit different.

Outcome and Results
We report the winner and compare our data. We review the outcome of this activity. We also personalize the review for students to compare and contrast their thoughts with the entire group.

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These are great little surveys you can have the students complete. They can lead to great graphing activities.

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