Rounding Worksheets

Our rounding worksheets range from rounding to the nearest millions to the nearest ten-thousands place. We also have mixed rounding sheets here too. We cover all skills found in the standards.

Mixed Place Values

Rounding Word Problems Around Town - Problems that require you to round to complete them. We add rounding in word problems. Who would have thought how common and often we use rounding in daily life.

Mixed Review on Place Value, Rounding, and Integers - This is a fun one. It covers all core skills. This is in a fun format and covers a great number of skills! Have fan with it.

Rounding Series - We ask you to round to just about every place value. We round at every possible level. This is great form of review on the topic.

Rounding Multiple Choice - Perfect for test prep. These are very closely related to the format that you will see on most basic math assessments for baseline skills.

Add and Round - This is a great way to compare an estimate to an actual problem. Calculate the sum, then round the numbers and find the sum of the rounded values.

Subtract and Round - Take the difference and compare it to an estimate. Find the difference and then round them. Once you round them find the difference again.

Text Based Mixed Rounding - We use words to define the integers. The integers that you will be rounding are in the form of words. This makes it just a little bit more challenging.



Rounding To Tenths in the Clouds - Match the plane with the cloud it belongs with. Every thing should be rounded to the nearest tenth on the planes.

Round Decimals to the Nearest Tenths - Round'em up to the nearest tenths place. This should be a quick one.

Round to the Nearest Tenths (Showing Thousandths) - More rote practice for you. Be a hot dog on this one and see how fast you can finish them up.

Round to the Nearest Tenths (Showing Ten-Thousandths) - Don't get fooled by such an extended place set. We give some really long decimals here and ask you to round them to the nearest tenths place.

Rounding Hundredths Decimals To the Nearest Tenths - We add an extra place value to our skill set. This should be a quick and easy one for you to handle. We use it just for review.

Round Decimals to the Nearest Tenths in Words - Kids have a great deal of difficulty with these. Convert the words to numbers and round them.

Round Decimals to the Nearest Hundredths - A simple, yet effective sheet. Take the numbers and round them to the nearest hundredth. That two behind the decimal.

Round to the Nearest Hundredths (Showing Ten-Thousandths) - We step up the values here. You are given small numbers, but large decimals. Work with them to round them to the nearest hundredths.

Round Word Decimals to the Nearest Hundredths - The tenths place seems to give them trouble here. You are given word based numbers that you need to round to the nearest hundredths place.

Round Decimals to the Nearest Thousandths - This is the top level skill that the Core cites. Rounding the numbers three digits to the right of the decimal point.


Nearest Tens Place

Rounding Papers to Folders (Round to Nearest Tens) - Match the papers to the folders that they belong to. Round the number on the left and match it with your answer on the right.

Round to the Nearest Tens Place - We use double digits to get you started. We work on rounding two digit numbers. There are two version in this printable worksheet file.

Round to the Nearest Tens Place with Words - We go all English on the integers. The numbers are given to you in words. You can round them in numbers or words; your choice.

Round Three Digits to the Nearest Tens Place - Students sometimes have a problem leaving that upper place value alone. Don't get tricked on this one. Yes, you have three numbers but they will be rounded only to the nearest tens place.

Round Three Digits to the Nearest Tens Place (In Words) - The larger words start throwing kids for a loop. You're given three digit word based integers. Round them to the nearest tens place only.

Round Four Digits to the Nearest Tens Place - Remember that you are only worried about the tens place. Remember that you are asked to only round to the nearest tens place. So you are really only touching the last two digits.

Rounding Money

Round to the Nearest Dollar $$ - There are many version on this one to practice with. Let your teacher specify what you should round it to, but we suggest the nearest dollar.

Large Value Rounding

Get to Your Ship and Round to the Nearest Hundreds - Get your happy little alien to his ship by match his rounded hundreds value to the proper ship value.

Round to the Nearest Hundreds Place - We sometimes assume that if students do well with the tens place and decimals that this is easy. That's not always the case.

Round to the Nearest Thousands - An easy, but often over looked skill. Round all of the numbers to the nearest thousand place. You can add commas on your answers too.

Round to the Nearest Ten Thousands Place - We start moving up in the world. Make sure to add commas to make it easier to see and understand.

Round to the Nearest Millions - The highest place value the standards cover. Round each number to the millions place. The puppy has some pretty big numbers waiting for you.

Super Rounding Helpers

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