Magic Number Worksheets

Students are mezmerized when we guess things like their age and birthday by simply using math.

A Neat Math Card Trick
Here is a super fun math trick that always works.
Math Crossnumber Maker
A really neat tool.
Brain Teaser Worksheets
A series of problems that many students and teachers alike, enjoy.
Math Puzzle Maker
You can make plenty of fun sheets with this one.
Calculate a Tip in Seconds
Here is a great technique I wish my teacher(s) would have taught me years ago. Would have saved me big bucks!
Math Puzzles
Ready to print and go.
Guess My Age Math Worksheet
This a fun little activity that will allow you to act like "mathgician".
Multiplying by 5 Quick Math Magic
Another product rule for you. This one has tons of applications.
Guess My Birthday Math Worksheet
Want to be able to guess just about anyone's birthday? Try this one!
The 11 Product Trick
This is a simple concept that will help you multiple with the number 11.
Guessing Pocket Change
This trick will blow your students' minds.
Tough Multiplication
A simple strategy to make your products much easier to work with.
I Know Where You Live
This is a cool math trick that some students will pick up on.
Tricks For Multiplying By 9
A simple yet really neat technique.
Math Trail Worksheet Maker
This is our favorite math tool. Students really dig it.