Magic Number Worksheets

Students are mesmerized when we guess things like their age and birthday by simply using math.

  1. A Neat Math Card Trick- Here is a super fun math trick that always works. Cards come in handy to display powerful math skills in a format that many students will appreciate. You can do this trick yourself or share it with students.
  2. Brain Teaser Worksheets - A series of problems that many students and teachers alike, enjoy.
  3. Math Puzzle Maker - You can make plenty of fun sheets with this one.
  4. Calculate a Tip in Seconds - I so wish I would have adapted this simplistic concept for calculating tips at restaurants. Some times when I'm in a hurry and don't have a second to spare, I just give 20%. That's great if the service is at that level, but many times it wasn't; I would have saved tons of dough. Tell your kids that kids that you are going to teach them a way to save hundreds of dollars. While on the subject; you might want to start a new word problem: If teacher A over pays 10 tips a year by 5% (over a period of 20 years); how much could she have saved, by doing this little trick?
  5. Math Puzzles - Ready to print and go.
  6. Guess My Age Math Worksheet -This a fun little activity that will allow you to act like "mathgician". After worksheets like these, students begin to enjoy math more. They can start to see how it can actually be used to help you everyday.
  7. Multiplying by 5 Quick Math Magic - Another product rule for you. This one has tons of applications. Another trick (rule) that comes in handy many times. For some reason most people remember this one well into adulthood; at least we seem to find that.
  8. Guess My Birthday Math Worksheet - Want to be able to guess just about anyone's birthday? Try this one! This is one of those wow factors! The logic is actually quite simple behind it. A fun thing to do is to see if students can grasp how it was done and have them create a new scenario.
  9. The 11 Product Trick -This is a simple concept that will help you multiple with the number 11. We show you a simple trick that can help you have ninja cat-like math reflexes. It might come in handy at times.
  10. Guessing Pocket Change - This trick will blow your students' minds. Every time students see this one for the first time, they are simply amazed. Have fun with it!
  11. Tough Multiplication - A simple strategy to make your products much easier to work with. This will make multiplication go by a lot quicker. You would be suprised at how this will help you speed up your mental math skills.
  12. I Know Where You Live - This is a cool math trick that some students will pick up on. This is a fun one, but make sure that you pay attention to your numbers in Step 4 and 5. They can throw a monkey wrench in sometimes.
  13. Tricks For Multiplying By 9 - A simple yet really neat technique. This trick doesn't have many applications, but it is very easy to explain. Many teachers will start with this one when touching on product rules.