Fifth Grade Math Worksheets (Grade 5 - For Ages 10 to 11)

These worksheets are designed for children age nine to ten years old. At this point, students have mastered basic decimal operations and are starting to get more comfortable with fractions and percentages. We have a really big mix here for you. This is the grade where math gets a good deal more difficult.

  1. Decimal Division | Answer Key
  2. Products of Decimals | Answer Key
  3. Fraction Addition | Answer Key
  4. Fraction Multiplication | Answer Key
  5. Triple Digit Multiple Tables | Answer Key
  6. Quadruple Digit Multiplication Tables | Answer Key
  7. Tens and Hundreds Decimal Multiplication | Answer Key
  8. Subtracting Fractions (Same Denominator) | Answer Key
  9. Grade 5 Do Now Math Sheets - Aligned to the core curriculum at this grade level. Quick problems; great for warm-ups.
  10. Solving Expressions | Answer Key
  11. Writing and Solving the Expression | Answer Key
  12. How Many Times More or Less? | Answer Key
  13. Standard and Exponential Forms | Answer Key
  14. Writing Integers in Expanded Form | Answer Key
  15. Compare the Decimals and Number Forms | Answer Key
  16. Fill and Drill Equations | Answer Key
  17. Hard Fraction Word Problems | Answer Key
  18. Resizing and Math (Scale) | Answer Key
  19. Convert Units of Measurement | Answer Key
  20. Volume of Rectangular Prisms | Answer Key
  21. How Many Blocks Apart? Real World Coordinate | Answer Key