5th Grade Math Worksheets (Grade 5 - For Ages 10 to 11)

These worksheets are designed for children age nine to ten years old. At this point, students have mastered basic decimal operations and are starting to get more comfortable with fractions and percentages. We have a really big mix here for you. This is the grade where math gets a good deal more difficult.

  1. Decimal Division | Answer Key - Decimal quotients to the thousandths place. We use the vertical division setup.
  2. Products of Decimals | Answer Key - This worksheet involves multiplying decimals to the thousandths by whole numbers.
  3. Fraction Addition | Answer Key - Add the fractions with the same denominators. Make sure to reduce the fraction as far as you can.
  4. Fraction Multiplication | Answer Key - Find the product of a whole number and a fraction.
  5. Triple Digit Multiple Tables | Answer Key - Multiply triple digit numbers in a rule or table format. This is some great practice.
  6. Quadruple Digit Multiplication Tables | Answer Key - When you are multiplying very large numbers you can some times lose your place within the problem.
  7. Tens and Hundreds Decimal Multiplication | Answer Key - These problems can take a good bit of time. So make sure to plan accordingly.
  8. Subtracting Fractions (Same Denominator) | Answer Key - Find the differences between two fractions that have a common denominator. A critical skill towards understanding fractions.
  9. Grade 5 Do Now Math Sheets - Aligned to the core curriculum at this grade level. Quick problems; great for warm-ups.
  10. Solving Expressions | Answer Key - This is one of your first steps towards using PEMDAS. The order of operations used is a key skill.
  11. Writing and Solving the Expression | Answer Key - This involves a bit of skilled thinking on the part of students. They first convert number sentences to expressions. Then they solve the expression.
  12. How Many Times More or Less? | Answer Key - Students think about comparisons in number sentences form.
  13. Standard and Exponential Forms | Answer Key - Convert exponential form to standard format and then change it back.
  14. Writing Integers in Expanded Form | Answer Key - Sometimes the expanded form can be very expanded. Just be forewarned.
  15. Compare the Decimals and Number Forms | Answer Key - This is a nice mix of comparing expanded, exponential, and standard format.
  16. Fill and Drill Equations | Answer Key - The variable for x will change, but not the equation. This is also referred to as "plugging and chugging" the variables into the equation.
  17. Hard Fraction Word Problems | Answer Key - We include a visual fraction problem at the bottom. This type of question is appearing more and more on standard exams.
  18. Resizing and Math (Scale) | Answer Key - All the word problems involving scaled geometry to some extent. These types of problems are tackled in the work place on a regular basis.
  19. Convert Units of Measurement | Answer Key - We start with basic metric unit conversion and then we progress into word problems.
  20. Volume of Rectangular Prisms | Answer Key - We get into basic volume problems with rectangles and then we move into analytical thinking within that concept.
  21. How Many Blocks Apart? Real World Coordinate | Answer Key - Determine how far different points are apart on coordinate grid system.