5th Grade Do Now Math Worksheets

5th grade do now math worksheets are quick little worksheets for assessing a student's ability. They help you understand your students easily. You'll find a variety of 3 problems based on different skill levels below. Everything is 100% based on the core math standards.

Basic Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Mixed Word Problems: These are really vast themes for word problems, but the operations are very similar to solve them.
  2. Version 2 - Evaluating Expressions, Compare Decimals: The order of operations problems are progressively more difficult. We swirl the digits within the problem around for the decimal problems.
  3. Version 3 - Horizontal Products and Long Division: We have students setup the first set of problems for themselves. The second set of problems are already setup for them.
  4. Version 4 - Decimal and Fractional Sums: Back to fractions and decimals and the operations that you can do with them.
  5. Version 5 - Measurement Word Problems and Long Division: That is way too much rice! The milk is a much more conceivable amount. Then we end of with long division with remainders.
  6. Version 6 - Cubic Volume and Unit Conversion: Find the volume of three dimensional cubes in set one. Then we move between metric units of length.
  7. Version 7 - Mixed Word Problems: These word problems are pretty fun to work with.
  8. Version 8 - Decimal Operations and Comparisons: The operation based problems are purposely setup horizontal. This is how this skill is often tested.
  9. Version 9 - Fractional Addition and Long Products: The fraction problems will take just as long as the product problems. We actually tested the sheet for that. Each problem takes about 90 seconds.
  10. Version 10 - Cubic Volume and Long Division: The volume problem will either be very easy for them or they will look at it for 5 minutes.

Intermediate Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Draw Lines and Compare Decimals: If they have a handle on what they are doing, this do now will be a breeze for them.
  2. Version 2 - Expanded and Standard Form: Switch between expanded and standard form. This one is a lot of writing.
  3. Version 3 - Fraction Operations and Word Problems: A nice word problem finished off the worksheet after a battle with our old friend fractions and the operations they go through.
  4. Version 4 - Weight Based Word Problems: This is more of a deep thinking set of problems. We include mass/weight in all problems.
  5. Version 5 - Fractions Divided By Whole Numbers: We divide fractions by whole numbers. Reminder students whole numbers are themselves over one.
  6. Version 6 - Whole Numbers Divided By Fractions: We just flip what we did in version 5 of this series and divide the whole numbers by fractions.
  7. Version 7 - Plotting X, Y Points: A simple plot pointing system. Just x and y with one quadrant.
  8. Version 8 - Fraction Operations and Standard Form: Another quick one. The first set will take the most time with a quick follow up.
  9. Version 9 - Expanded Form and Distance: We start off with a quick expanded form question. We end off with a super interesting word problem.
  10. Version 10 - Plotting Points: More points to plot. This is a very undervalued skill, it has a lot of application at the higher levels though.

Advanced Level Sheets

  1. Version 1 - Fraction Operations (Mixed Denominators): We put fractions with mixed denominators and numerators through a series of operations test.
  2. Version 2 - Word Problems and Area/Perimeter of Rectangles: That is one big sack of potatoes to spilt up. Hey there area and perimeter.
  3. Version 3 - Fractions with Mixed Number Operations: We calculate the products of mixed numbers.
  4. Version 4 - Complex Word Problems: Who would have thought that dirty laundry could be made it a difficult word problem?
  5. Version 5 - Volume of Rectangular Prisms: We get cube crazy! Remember that perimeter is the sum of all sides and area is length times width times height. Feet are the units used.
  6. Version 6 - Plot Coordinates: Plotting points on a coordinate system is a great skill to have. This is a very basic introduction.
  7. Version 7 - Word Problem with Fraction Operations: We start with a post-apocalyptic story problem. We move on to fractional products and quotients with different, but workable denominators.
  8. Version 8 - 2D and 3D Rectangles (Area/Perimeter): We go rectangle measurement happy with this one. Calculate volume in three dimensions, then move back to a 2 dimensional rectangle to find area and perimeter.
  9. Version 9 - Mixed Number Word Problems and Operations: Have students tackle a word problem that if they ever own there own home; they will most likely have to ponder. We then hit up the products of mixed numbers with different denominators.
  10. Version 10 - Locating Coordinate Points: If students have a good grasp on cooridnate systems, this will be an easy one for them.