Places I Know Worksheets

Places I Know Worksheets

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Great Places to Visit When You're Still a Kid

You probably need to send them to a great college. This is one of the many reasons why kids should travel the world. By visiting great places for kids, they can see the world for themselves and appreciate its diversity.

But even if you don’t have the budget to travel overseas with your kids, then don’t worry. There are many great places to see in the US itself. By visiting various states and regions in the US, kids will be cognizant of the rich heritage and cultural differences and diversity that pervades the US. Here are great places for kids to visit:

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a marvelous place to visit for the whole family, including the kids. This ideal destination for families sports a profusion of exotic wildlife. Besides breathtaking idyllic beaches, you can explore lush jungles and embark on hiking trips on some of the most scenic trails.

You can admire waterfalls and go kayaking in the rapids. Even young ones can safely navigate designated gentle rivers using safari floats.

If you get lucky, you might catch sight of a mama turtle paying a visit to the beach so that she can lay her eggs. That will make for a heartwarming and touching experience. There is so much to see and do in Costa Rica. Your whole family will definitely want to go back here pretty soon.

London, England

To give your kids a taste of Europe, why not first take them to London? Although it is an English-speaking region, distinct cultural differences set it apart from the US. Kids will love visiting the realm they have viewed in Harry Potter and other movies. There is a rich abundance of historical places to visit. For example, you can go with your family to see the famed Buckingham Place and its palace guards.

Black Hills, South Dakota

The obvious reason for visiting the Black Hills is to gaze in wonder at Mount Rushmore. But tourists and travelers will be pleased to know that there are many other attractions besides.

Kids, in particular, will love indulging in the aquatic leisure that numerous water parks in South Dakota have to offer. They will also relish traversing the depths of Wind Cave which happens to be one of the biggest across the globe.

Custer State Park makes available a wide array of amenities that suit families. Hence, kids and their parents can ride paddle boats at Lake Sylvan. They can also see the diverse wildlife, go horseback riding and enjoy fishing.

The Yucatan, Mexico

Since the Yucatan features a highly developed tourism infrastructure, this is a great place for kids to visit and find fun things to do.

Kids will adore dipping in freshwater pools that have been carved from rocks. There are also many great spots for snorkeling. Kids will also enjoy exploring the numerous charming towns nearby. There are also several historical sites to visit where they can see ancient ruins.

You can enjoy a fun trip to 3 family-friendly theme parks. Kids can enjoy exhilarating activities like snorkeling next to turtles and swim leisurely alongside dolphins.
At Tulum, kids can witness walled cities dating back to the Mayan civilization and explore the cliffs to enjoy breathtaking views of the pristine turquoise sea.

Honolulu, Hawaii

A trip to Hawaii is one to remember. Kids and grown-ups alike covet that wonderful trip to Hawaii where they can admire the wonderful sights and sounds of nature as well as urban environments. There is a rich diversity of cultures for your kids to appreciate in Honolulu.

Hawaii is undoubtedly one of the finest destinations for kids to visit because it sports spectacular pristine beauty, gorgeous beaches, azure seas, natural serenity, and bustling city life. Kids can take a dip in the striking blue waters, go surfing and even try out canoeing. Beachfront hotels of Hawaii are simply legendary. They offer unmatched luxury and a full spectrum of amenities that will suit families of all kinds.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is not just the finest city in the East. It is one of the biggest and best metropolitans worldwide, famed for its incredible prosperity, security and dazzling urban life. With more than 37 million, the Tokyo Metropolitan area boasts a larger population than many countries.

Besides being one of the biggest, Tokyo is also one of the most well-developed regions globally. The scintillating tourism infrastructure here is one of a kind.
In this famed city, kids can have close contact with the rich Japanese heritage. They can get to appreciate its culture, enjoy the traditional hospitality and savor its exquisite cuisine.

Kids will be dazzled by the fantastic profusion of manga vendors (distinctive Japanese comic book shops), toy shops and video game stores. This is a veritable dreamland for kids since it has all that kids adore. Not just that, there are myriad museums and parks to discover.

Last but not least, kids can marvel at the wonders that the world-renowned Disneyland Tokyo has to offer. In short, a trip to Tokyo, Japan, is a trip of a lifetime that kids will fondly reminisce about throughout their life.

Cayman Islands

Imagine a serene coastal region with white sands and turquoise waters where kids can feed friendly stingrays by hand while swimming among them. If you and your kids love fun in the water, then the Cayman Islands is a place to visit. Here you can explore an exciting underwater world that few other places can match.

Listed above are great places for kids to visit. Visiting these places is not just fun; it will also imbue kids with an appreciation for diversity.