Spreadsheets Spreadsheet Guide For Teachers

What a spreadsheet is, is basically a worksheet that makes life a little easier for those who need to work on various calculations like those found in accounting, project scheduling, statistics information and other forms of encoded data.

A spreadsheet is an interface that works with data that contains multiple sections also known as cells that are part of an entire grid in order to be able to categorize them in rows and columns. Every cell can work with a given formula in order to help calculate financial data, as well as provide specific information in the use of grafts to be used in tracking flow of finances or the entire schedule of accomplishments of a project.

Types of spreadsheets depend upon the manufacturer and the presentation of its uses. For example, although it in itself is an application that can be applied in software, the use of the spreadsheet is different when used with programs such as Primavera or Lotus Improv as compared to spreadsheets of Microsoft Excel. The main reason for the differences is the way that the spreadsheet is to be used, and the specifications needed to achieve a certain goal. Formulas are varied, and placements on graphs are also complicated if not using or adhering to the requirements needed for an accurate spreadsheet.

The main things that should define what a spreadsheet is, is simply the rows, columns, and grids that are used to compare numerical data, or to record them. Spreadsheet technology is used widely for the same purposes, as it simply feels as if one is doing work on a virtual paper sheet with all their needed tally areas available. Most organizations and businesses are using spreadsheets to track their data, analyze their budgets, forecast sales, or simply to tally up their expense records. On excel worksheets, formulas are readily available for use such as simple calculations and more complex calculations can be done as well. These spreadsheets are also the main thing used for testing hypothetical theories and determine scenarios.

In a classroom setting spreadsheets are great use when tracking surveys. They can store huge amounts of data. Another great application of spreadsheets is that most program have the ability to take the data and instantly make graphs and data tables on the fly.

Today, the most popular spreadsheets being widely used are Microsoft Excel and Lotus 123. They have proven to be user friendly for many, especially for big companies who have a lot of staff to train on their users. So, in order to determine what a spreadsheet is and how it works, it is much easier to train a few and this knowledge is dissipated at their department level.

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