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Today, and even during the past years, if someone will try to ask a student on what their favorite subject is, you will seldom hear that Math is their favorite. First of all, it is really hard to understand. Second, someone may not know what the importance of Math in life is. And lastly, students do not feel interested towards this subject.

A lot of students will feel like giving up studying Math because of its complex and brain racking formulas and equations. This article might help students push themselves harder when it comes to studying a subject that is difficult to understand.

1. One of the most important steps when pushing yourself to study for your worst and hardest subject is to compose yourself. The first step would be clearing your mind of the things that does not concern or is not connected with the said subject. A clear mind will give you enough focus on the lesson that needs to be learned and understood. Every day you should have a certain schedule for studying. Stick to what you have decided to pick for a time for studying. Never miss your schedule by postponing it or worst, canceling the study session.

2. If you are someone who does not have control over oneself, you can indulge in review sessions. Ask someone to help you through the math problems and practice exams that you do not understand. Whether it be your professor, your mom, your dad or even your friends, as long as you think they can help you with what you need to learn, go for it. Just remember to be assertive and disciplined that you would not do anything other than studying for the said subject.

3. If you have enough practice tests or practice quizzes you could answer, try to answer it one by one. By doing so, you could eventually get what the lesson or subject is telling you. The saying, try and try until you succeed, is perfectly connected to this situation. What better way to understand something than going through the same thing over and over again? I would suggest you to keep answering what you find difficult. Even if you have answered something already, try to answer it again and see if you can still arrive at the same answer.

4. Students may not like memorizing stuff but it will surely help if you would memorize by heart the formula and equations needed for a certain math problem. This would enhance your skills during computations and it will also save time. Acronyms and mnemonics will also give students an easy time to memorize what needs to be memorized for them to easily solve and understand a math problem.

5. Last but not the least, and probably what students will see as the easiest step is to find time to relax before a math test. Just like what I said in the first step, a clear mind will certainly help you to focus on what needs to be focused on. Cramming should definitely be avoided. It usually results to panicking and to stress. Keep in mind that what is still more important is yourself. Be alert for your physical and mental health. Eat regularly and do not forget to attend to your needs.

These are just some of the things that might help you achieve what you want to have in the end. Hopefully, it will be a very huge help for all the students out there, who, like me, does not look at Math as one of their best of friends. And, after reading this article, I would definitely hope that students could have a different outlook when it comes to the word, Math.

The best of luck to every Math test takers out there!

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