What Is Algebra and Its Role in the Real World?

Algebra is a field of mathematics. Usually, students in high school or elementary will be the first ones who will experience this subject. Most of them will say that it is probably one of the hardest and complicated subjects there is. Well, anything that is connected to Mathematics could really be.

When someone will say the word Algebra out loud, numbers and equations will immediately pop into ones mind. What they do not usually know is what and who and how Algebra started. A brief history of Algebra will be read in this article, to understand why and how and who started Algebra in the first place.

The Greeks first introduced Algebra in the third century and eventually it was also traced to the early Babylonians. The Babylonians were the ones who created formulas and equations that we still use to solve situations until today. Diophantus was eventually named Algebra's Father. In the 16th century, Rene Descartes was one of the names that were famous because of the book that he wrote entitled La Geometrie. What he did was more modern and is still used and taught until today.

Now that you know enough about the history of Algebra, do you now think that it is something important? You would probably still say and still wonder what Algebra has to do in the real world. Is it useable? Does it help with every day life? Do you really need to know Algebra to live? Those questions might be answered in this article.

Whether you like it or not, Algebra is actually needed in your every day life. Number and equations are actually used in almost anywhere in the world. Take for example the time when you are out getting groceries. What would probably help you in computing and for staying budgeted is learning how to add and subtract items from your cart. But in this situation, there is still a cashier that could help you with this dilemma. How about in situations wherein you are on your own, like in a gas station? You will fill up your own gas tank, put it back by yourself and swipe your credit card onto the machine, then poof, it is done. The price of gas differs from one another each day, changes really fast day by day. The only thing that will help you with your problem on how many gallons you could take with your budget is learning Algebra.

Economy is really on the rocks today. Money is always the problem so people tend to budget every single thing that they can. People get double or triple jobs just to pay the bills and to always have something for their necessities. If there is money involved and economy is the topic, numbers will always appear. There is no doubt that Algebra might be the only thing that is left to help you get through your every day problems with how to subtract every debt or loan that you gained throughout the years.

Professional people also need to know how to add and subtract and compute equations. Even if they are not the ones who have to budget the house bills, the electrical bills or the ones who will buy the groceries, they still need to know how to work their way around numbers. There is no second thinking when we are talking about bank tellers who should always be alert on what they give and what they should not give to the customers. How about the people in the real estate, stock exchange or even mini grocery store owners? They still have to have the capability to learn and work their way around numbers in order to succeed.

So if you are a student who finished reading this article, now is the time to get serious when it comes to studying Algebra. Whether you like it or not, numbers will always haunt you until the day you get older. Act fast and understand everything about Algebra while you are young.

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