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  1. Active Transport Across The Plasma Membrane- The student will be able to comprehend that energy is required to move substances across the cell membrane against the concentration gradient.
  2. Breast Versus Bottle - Make the students more knowledgeable when making the decision as the become parents in the future. Show the students the pros and cons of each technique.
  3. Chromosome Karyotyping- Students will be able to demonstrate a microtechnique for reliable chromosomal analysis of leucocytes obtained from peripheral blood.
  4. Constructing A Dichotomous Key- To construct and use dichotomous keys.
  5. Molecular Shuffle- To observe how a selectively permeable membrane works.
  6. Natural and Synthetic Fiber- To identify wool, cotton, linen, and silk with the aid of a microscope.
  7. Photosynthesis, Respiration, and the ATP-ADP Cycle- The objective of this activity will be to demonstrate the three processes of photosynthesis, respiration, and the molecular interaction between ADP and ATP and the process by which they lose and gain phosphates in the process of energy conversion.
  8. The Chemistry of Water- To discuss the phenomenological properties of water.
  9. The Coding of Protein Molecules By D.N.A.- Use paper models to demonstrate how DNA controls protein synthesis.
  10. The Role of Enzymes- To explore the role of enzymes in chemical reactions. To determine what kinds of cells contain more catalase than others.
  11. What's the Matter?- Introduction to the properties of matter.