Lesson Plan : Breast Versus Bottle

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 Grade 11-12

 Breast versus Bottle: Which is better for the child? Unhealthy Environments
 Pros and cons of both techniques. Explanation why one may be better than the other, while it may not be. To teach parents to keep their children away from an unhealthy environment.
 Make the students more knowledgeable when making the decision as the become parents in the future. Show the students the pros and cons of each technique. To make parents aware of the unhealthy environment their children live in. I am going to make a poster and then explain some examples of an unhealthy environment. Then have the parents make a colorful poster with their ideas of an unhealthy environment
 Demonstrate correct breast and bottle feeding techniques.
 baby doll and PowerPoint presentation, One white poster board, markers, crayons, construction paper, magazines, scissors, and glue.
 Choosing whether to breastfeed or formula feed your baby is one of the first decisions expectant parents will make. Although there's no right or wrong choice, many organizations suggest bottle feeding to be the best choice. Sometimes breastfeeding cannot be possible for some mothers, and formula has to happen, and this is alright too, but it does not contain some of the infection-fighting anti-bodies that breastfeeding has. This is just one point to be made about these 2 different techniques, and there are many more.
 Demonstration of the correct way to breastfeed and bottle-feed an infant. 1 Hold poster up so every one can see. 2 Tell them what each different picture is. 3 Talk about what drugs are harmful to the environment. 4 Talk about why alcohol is unhealthy. 5 Talk about why tobacco id harmful for everyone. 6 Then hand out blank paper and let them cut out pictures from a magazines or draw what they think is an unhealthy environment. 7 Have then explain their own posters. 8 collect posters
 Let the students practice these techniques on their own. Explanation of pros and cons of both techniques.
Checking For Understanding:
 Quiz. Ask then why it is so important to know about the environment they live in? Ask them what will they do to protect their children from the harsh environment?
 Hope the students learned a lot and be more knowledgeable on making the decision in the future.
 evaluate quiz and worksheet scores to check how well the students have learned.
Teacher Reflections:
 Look over they posters they made to make sure they completely understood the effects of a unhealthy environment.

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