Lesson Plan : Soap and rinsing away germs

Teacher Name:
 Shelly Murphy
 Grade 2
 Special Education

 Teach the steps of hand washing. Teach when to wash your hands.
 (Following Illinois Learning Standards for Physical Development and Health. Goal 22--Health Promation, Prevention. and Treatment; specifically 22A.1b, indentifying methods of health promotion and illness prevention.) 1) The students will be able to identify the steps in handwashing. 2) The studnet will be introduced to appropiate handwashing times.
 1) Given the 4 steps of handwashing the studnet will be able to use their voice, a communicator, or eye gaze to put steps in the correct order. 2) Studdnets will allow or follow through with an appropiate handwashing technique.
 4 picture cards on the steps of handwashing: Wet your Hands, Soap and Srub, Rinse, and Dry. Video "Scrubby Bear" and coloring page Book "Wash Up Quick"
 The teacher will open the topic of handwashing by -relaying the importance in illness prevention. Ask- Do they wash their hands? Ask- When they wash their hands?
 1) The teacher will demostrate actual handwashing along with the corresponding picture cards.
 1) The teacher will assist each student in washing their hands. Check to see if any are appropiately independent in this activity. 3) The teacher will have each student come to the front of the class and put the handwashing cards in the correct order. (Learning probe/data collection) 4) Teacher will read the repititive line handwashing book. Each student will have the chance to "verbalize" the repeating line "Wash up Quick". 5) Watch video "Scrubby Bear" (Book and Video repeats theme of how and when to wash hands.)
Checking For Understanding:
 Data collection during the sequencing of handwashing cards. Verbal students giving two examples of when to wash hands.
 Teacher will repeat/review main topics of lessom; correct sequence of handwashing steps per use of 4 cards and verbally state times to wash hands. Students can color "Scrubby Bear" outline and take home. Provide positive feedback on correct observed learning.
 Data collection of sequening handwashing cards. Including appropiate switch use or eye gaze. Data collection on actual handwashing practice. As possible, students verbal feedback of appropiate hand washing times.
Teacher Reflections:

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