Teacher Name:
 Ms. B. Young
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 TOPIC, SETTING, CHARACTER, CONFLICT, CLIMAX, MOOD, FLASHBACK, IRONY,THEME, CONCLUSION. Identify each story element in the selection given by the teacher!
  Students will be able to identify story elements in the assigned text. Students will be able to comprehend each story through the use of graphic organizers. Students will be able to participate more fully in discussions.
  Given an assigned story, the students will read each story, either aloud during class or silently, with seventy percent accuracy. Given a passage to read, the students will take notes,and highlight key vocabulary to determine and match the elements with the passages.
  A copy of the assigned book (story) A graphic organizer worksheet. A black or blue pen.
  The teacher will present the background information about the author, setting, morals of the time period,and influences. The teacher will present an updated situation to include the central theme of the story. The teacher will use a chart to give examples of character views, development, relationships, etc.
  The teacher will give an example of an updated story in today's world to help students relate to the elements of the story. The students will be able to see how this applies to their lives today to make these concepts more meaningful.
  Students will be paired with one another to share a favorite story, either something from the past or a present day situation. They will discuss the elements of this story by using the outline provided by the teacher.
  If students require more background information about:setting,topic,mood,and theme, the teacher will assist these students. Teacher aids or volunteers may be asked to assist as well.
Checking For Understanding:
  A vocabulary pre test along with a matching of character traits,relationships,and importance in the story.
  Review the conclusion! (ending) Give students the opportunity to add an alternative ending. Have students explain all aspects of their ending. Review the theme!
  POST TEST! Essay or Fill in the Blank format on the who,what,when,where,why,& how. Critical thinking and analysis of the affects & effects of the conflicts within the story. Discuss the Timeless Quality of the story!
Teacher Reflections:
  Answer the following: what could have been done differently with students to get better response,more participation, and facilitate better comprehension? Why study this story? What & How do issues relate today as they did in the story? Did the students enjoy this lesson?

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