Lesson Plan : Learning Letters for Severe Students

Teacher Name:
 Special Education
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Hole Punch Names (EDITED)
 Art activity to practice learning the letters in their name. Learn glue techniques and safety. Use automatic hole punch in a non-work situation.
 Each student will be able to recognize their own name.
 Given materials and directing students with hand over hand technique, students will place punch dots on each letter of their name, completing a nameplate to put on the bulletin board. Use variety of tactile methods for hand over hand without resistance. Increase attention span. Willingness to follow directions.
 Glue, automatic hole punch, colored paper, scissors, container for punch dots
 We are practicing learning what letters are found in our name. We will use an office tool along with art supplies to make a nameplate for our bulletin board. Teacher will introduce a hole punch and explain how to use this to the students. Teacher will model the desired behavior for the students.
 Demonstrate how to start with a student that requires hand over hand help, which also gives the hand over hand student a head start. Pass out some punch dots to get everyone started.
 As each student is directed to place punch dots in the letters of their name, they will be directed to use courteous words when asking help or when supplies are needed.
 Different types of adhesive: glue, glue stick, hot glue gun Contrasting colors especially for vision-impaired students Pick up punch dot for student and then encourage them to take the dot from you and place on glue.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask students who are requiring very little help to review the steps needed aloud to others. Students can work with a partner to assist each other.
 Students will be asked to put all supplies away, clear their hands and tables. Teacher will ask students to place completed nameplates on the bulletin to display for the class. Teacher will praise students for a task well done.
 Notice who was able to follow more than 1 step at a time. Notice who was able to help peers. Notice who was able to complete project with only hearing directions once.
Teacher Reflections:
 Did the students complete this task with ease? Did this activity help students learn their names more easily? Use this activity to learn school names, city names, etc. if it was successful. Motify activity to benefit individual needs of students.

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