Lesson Plan : Decimal Values and Money

Teacher Name:
 Bob Grimm
 Grade 2

 Major Concepts: Place Value, Money, Patterns, Organization of Data, Solve relevant and authentic problems using appropriate technology and applying these concepts as well as those developed in previous years.
 NCSCOS Goal 2: The learner will recognize, understand, and use basic geometric properties, and standard units of metric and customary measurement. 2.12 Determine the value of sets of coins (pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters); record using appropriate notation. 2.13 Make different sets of coins with equivalent values. 2.14 Identify coins needed to buy items priced at $1.00 or less
 1. The students will be able to recognize and identify each coin and its value. 2. The students will use coins to arrive at the designated total marked on the envelope.
 1. Play Money 2. Zip Lock Storage Bags 3. Strips of Paper
 1. Allow the students to examine pennies, nickels, and dimes. 2. Ask the students how much each coin is worth. 3. Ask the students what coin has the greatest value. 4. Ask the students what coin has the least value. 6. Ask the students how much money they would have if they had one nickel, one penny, one dime, and one quarter.
 I will model the entire exercise for the group. I will use a baggie with a strip of paper in the baggie. The strip of paper will have a coin value written on it. I will go about putting the correct value together and placing the coins in the bag. I will ask one of the students to check my coin combination. While reviewing the coins I will be telling the students what each coin is valued. The students will be free to chime in when they can. Finally, I will put a different combination of coins together to arrive at the same value. I will verbally model how I am getting to the coin combination.
 In pairs the students will choose an envelope with a designated value written on the front. Using any combination of coins the student will place the correct value in the envelop. After placing the coins in the envelop the students will trade envelopes and check to make sure the other person did it correctly. After each person has checked the amount in the envelop, it is there turn to come up with the correct value using a different combination of coins. The students then trade envelops again to check the work of their partner. Once each partner has completed the activity, the students trade envelops with another group. The partners start the process again.
 1. Allow students to check there answers with calculators. 2. Emphasize the point of getting the correct values. Put less emphasis on the least amount of coins.
Checking For Understanding:
 Because the students do "ledgers" every day they will have daily opportunities to practice there new found money skills.
 Today we learned the value of coins. It is important to understand money and the different values of money. You will all be able to earn money for working well in this classroom. The day before track out you will be able to go shopping at the track out store. The more money you the more buying power. The other important ideat to keep in mind is that if you do not keep your ledger balanced you will be in jeopardy of loosing all of your money. Every day that you are here you will have the opportunity to earn money. Being able to add/subract money is an important skill that you will need for the rest of your life.
 The students will continue to practice these skills every day. The students will continue to do there ledgers every day.
Teacher Reflections:
 The lesson went well. The students seemed to catch on quickly. A couple of the students are having a difficult time understanding that different coin combinations can get you to the same value. They will continue to get better because we will practice this skill every day. At some point in the not to distant fututre the students will learn how to spend money and make change. This will need to be done a few times before the students track out. I want them to be able to shop and make change independantly.

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