Lesson Plan : Dominic's Smart Start

Teacher Name:
 Rachel Bergh
 Grade 3
 Special Education

 Dominic's Smart Start to the day
 7:43 1st Bell, Check-in with Elisabeth 7:45 Check-in with Jamie VanderHoop re:LJ�s attendance, morning routine, concerns, schedule changes, etc. 7:47 Check-in with Bob Irwin re:Dominic�s attendance, morning routine, concerns, schedule changes, etc./GREET Dominic 7:50-8:05 Smart Start sensory exercises (in the OT room): Smart Start sensory exercises (in the OT room): 1) Begin with 30 or more standing in place jumping jacks 2) 10-12 �skateboard� crunches/a round (10 tosses)of medicine ball 3) 4 minutes of rings/trapeze bar/square swing 4) If time, scooter or stationary bike 8:05-8:10 a.m. Return to classroom, may stop by cafeteria to pick up a breakfast if needed to eat in the classroom; may use weighted blanket on shoulders at desk.
 Dominic has sensory integration dysfunction. Goal is to start Dominic�s day in a positive frame of reference, activate his neural sensory function to address his sensory defensiveness, bring him back into his body, ground his physical body awareness
 Dominic is compliant and verbal; he shares info about his morning and engages in discussion about his day. He completes morning excercises using his best effort.
 Gum and tissues in pocket, key to OT room, OT equipment, clipboard/pencil
 Morning greetings. Check-in with classroom teacher; foreshadowing of transition to OT room.
 Teacher participates in excercises with Dominic. Encourage accurate counting. Foreshadow timekeeping.
 Dominic goes through his morning routine (recently established) with confidence. His anxiety is reduced by keeping in the routine.
 Dominic needs lots of foreshadowing. He benefits from a consistent routine that is predictable. He needs frequent prompts and redirects to stay on task and on time. He requires direct and firm direction at the beginning of his day to initiate excercise routine. Needs redirects, planned ignoring, and preferential seating/positioning to stay on topic. Needs lots of positive praise. Throughout the day as needed: Smart Break: (5-8 minutes) (within classroom or just outside classroom) 1) Bathroom break �2 minutes (wash hands) 2) Carry box of books down to office; Have office person sign slip & bring book box back to classroom to leave on Ms. Phillips desk 3) Push on wall�both hands as hard as posible for count of 1-30 (3xs) 4) Apple/carrot/pretzel break, drink
Checking For Understanding:
 Verbal feedback; demonstration/performance; monitor and encourage best effort; maintain positive rapport
 Foreshadow time limit; transition back to classroom. Lock OT room. May race up the stairs if needed. May get drink at fountain. Seat back at table in classroom; may use weighted blanket. Engage in seatwork. Foreshadow Ms. Phillips return at 8:30.
Teacher Reflections:

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