Lesson Plan : The Necklace - Plot Elements

Teacher Name:
 Rebecca West
 Grade 9-10
 Special Education

 Identifying Elements of Plot
 Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution Irony
 Students will read "The Necklace" and identify parts of the plot. Students will recognize and discuss irony as used in "The Necklace."
 TLW read and analyze the literary selection, "The Necklace." TLW identify the elements of plot in the literary selection. TLW explain the use of irony in "The Necklace."
 Textbook Handout of Plot Map
 The teacher will define "irony" as used in literature and give examples. Students will discuss and share examples. The teacher will review the elements of plot.
 The teacher will draw the plot map on the board and label each element. The teacher will introduce "The Necklace" and give background information.
 The students and teacher will read "The Necklace" aloud from the textbook. The teacher will pause to point out important events that will relate to plot and irony. After the story has been read, the teacher will ask guided questions about the plot and irony in "The Necklace."
 The teacher will circulate about the room giving assistance as needed. Students will have as much time as needed to complete the assignment.
Checking For Understanding:
 After students have completed the independent practice, the teacher will go over the plot map on the board, asking students to identify each element of plot in "The Necklace." Teacher and students will discuss irony. Teacher will ask for textual examples.
 Discussion about what students learned from "The Necklace" and how it can be applied in their own lives (irony, material goods, social standing, etc.).
Teacher Reflections:

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