Lesson Plan : Independent Work Assistance

Teacher Name:
 Carole Gallo
 Grade 2
 Special Education

 Independent Work
 Skills in the areas of math (touch math and skills from curriculum), writing (copying and illustrating and labeling for comprehension) , editing
 The student will use a visual approach such as a Visual Schedule to keep him/her on track during in the morning for independent work while the teacher is working with other children or groups. This visual schedule will allow the student to remain focussed on what he/she needs to complete each morning on his/her own during a certain time frame before noon.
 The student will have a visual representation of each goal to be completed on the left side of his/her card stock. The left side is labeled "To Be Done." The card stock and visual representation will be laminated. Once that assignment is completed, that visual representation is moved from the left side and attached to the right side labeled "Done" with velcro. Once the left side is empty and the right side is full, the child may earn some time for a free choice activity within the classroom as long as he/she does not disturb the others and the work has been checked by the aide or teacher.
 -Morning work previously taught for review and practice -laminated card stock with morning work and visual representations laminated(w/velcro)
 The children are going to be taught how to work independently by completing their morning work and monitor their work by moving their visual representations of their assignments from one side of their card stock to the completed side of their card stock. Once the left side is empty and the right side of is full, their work will be checked. If their work is done to the aide or teacher's satisfaction, then the child a free choice activity.
 The teacher will model/demonstrate completing an activity and moving the visual representation from the "To Be Done" side of the card stock to the 'Done" side of the card stock so the children will have an idea that they cannot move their picture until the paper is completed.
 Students will be allowed to practice for one week to get used to the procedure of moving the pictures and getting their work checked for accuracy.
 If it is noted that a child is unable to complete the amount of work assigned due to his/her disability, accommodations and adjustments will be made for that child to meet their individual needs.
Checking For Understanding:
 If a child is having difficulty with skills that have been previously taught, then that child will be taken aside and re-teaching will take place again. Usually, morning work is not put out if students are not able to complete it independently. It's usually not because they don't understand it, it's usually because they don't attend or organize themselves well enough to complete it.
 Before lunch, students' Visual Schedules will be checked. If they are not completed, each one will be evaluated and addressed accordingly.
 Students will be evaluated accordingly based on disability, effort, and skill level.
Teacher Reflections:
 Reflections will be written after having tried this for one quarter starting in September 2010.

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