Lesson Plan : Producing the "s" sound in words

Teacher Name:
 Catherine Maloney
 Special Education

 Articulation, phonological awareness
 Students will identify and formulate words that begin with the "s" sound.
 When given a variety of pictures the student will sort the ones that begin with the "s" sound. Students will say each word correctly with 80% accuracy.
 Picture cards,objects that begin with "S", Bingo cards with "s" pictures. A smart board could also be used.
 Teacher will display a variety of objects and have students try to figure out why they go together.
 All of the objects begin with the "s" sound. The "S" sounds like a snake hissing. We can call it the snake sound. Tell the students to watch as you make the sound in isolation. Have them describe what the sound looks and feels like. Talk about keeping your tongue behind your teeth. Have students put their hand in front of their mouth so they can feel the air coming out.
 Students will practice making the "s" sound in isolation. They can turn to their partner and let them know if they see their tongue. Students will be given a variety of pictures to name and determine if it begins with the "S" sound. Students will then imitate say the word spontaneously on their own.
 Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic cues will be given if needed. If student is unable to say the "S" correctly in words then a delay will be used s-at.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teaher will provide immediate feedback on correct production and identification of words beginning with S.
 Today we identified and produced words beginning with S. Please take home picture cards and practice with parents at home.
 aif students were able to produce the sound correctly in words then I would progress to short phrases or sentences the next day.
Teacher Reflections:
 Students that are having difficulty identifying or producing sounds will be given small group instruction.

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