Lesson Plan : My Country

Teacher Name:
 Donna Lewis
 Grade 9-10
 Special Education

 Civics: What it takes to define and run a country.
 Students will apply theories of government and economics and sociology to create their own country.
 Teams of students will create a country. They will select a location and population. Then they will design a system of government, economic system, and define the industries that will occur in their country based on the location and population of the country.
 Students will apply the theories of government, economics, and sociology. Students will use the internet to research the information needed to provide the details about their country. Students will present information regarding their country using oral and visual media.
 Civics Text Compuer Assistive Technology
 Today you are going to work in teams to apply what you have learned this semester in Civics. You will create your own country. You will pick a location, determine population, design a flag, determine a system of government and economics, and tell what industries exist in your country. You will then present this information as a team using visual and auditory media.
 Demonstrate for students to find sites on the internet that will address the areas required for the project. Demonstrate for students the different types presentation.
 Assist students in finding the sites to set up the basics of the country.
 Talking software will be used for students with reading issues. Writing and spelling software will be used to assist students with the written part of the project. Work sessions will last no longer than 45 min.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students work will be assessed daily for understanding and compliance. Modifications can be adjusted immediately as needed.
 Class presentations at the end of the project with peer feedback.
 Final Project as well as daily grades will be used. A rubric given out at the beginning will be used to rate the final project for each student.
Teacher Reflections:
 This project will allow students to apply concepts to a real situation, allow creativity in presentation that address students with various learning styles, and allow practice in public speaking.

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