Lesson Plan : Learning Your Times Tables

Teacher Name:
 jasmine vasquez
 Grade 2

 children will learn the multiplication times table and be able to repeat with accuracy maybe 5 out of 10
  mathematics, math times table chart, numerical data
 the goal is for the children to learn the times table from 0 to 12 with 80% accuracy. the outcome will be that the students will be able to repeat the table 4 out of 5 times when asked.
 children will be able to multiply up to the number twelve. children will accomplish this goal with 50% accuracy and show by playing the times table game that they was taught. children have already mastered the addition and subtraction of up to 4digit numbers and more. now they will learn the multiplication of two digit numbers times one digit number.
 they will have the availability of calculator use and Popsicle sticks for counting purposes.
 students will see the demonstration of how to count with sticks and also how to solve the equation a couple of times before the beginning of the lesson.
 i will implement the game of counting as my resource and as a demonstration so they can get used to the idea and implement the use so they will not lose interest.
 i will give each child a practice test of ten questions and see how well they do , and keep on until they get the hand of the subject.
 i will place the fast learners in different part of the room and give extra attention to the slower ones to give an extra 45 minute of practice time.
Checking For Understanding:
 i will express to the students that if they do not comprehend the subject to feel free to ask me to help them or to repeat the examples of how to solve the problem.
 each student will learn this lesson by the end of the week as per instruction. the counting game is only used as a tool to keep the child interested and into the topic at hand.
 i have noticed that these student do not lose interest due to the counting game. it gives them a way of using visualization rather than trying to remember something they are unable to.
Teacher Reflections:
 all my students have implemented what i have taught them and each has satisfied the goals i have set for them. the counting game has given them a tool that is easily used and easily learned.

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