Lesson Plan : The Four Seasons On Earth

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 Kimberlee McElroy

 Vocabulary of the Four Seasons
 Concepts: seasons, temporal concepts, same/different, categories, questions, grammar, vocabulary Vocabulary: seasons, winter, spring, summer, fall, clothing, sports, weather, crops, animals
 The goal of this lesson is for language impaired students to increase vocabulary knowledge and usage related to the Four Seasons.
 Objectives are based upon each students' individual IEP goals (in the areas of articulation, vocabulary, grammar, and listening comprehension); however, below are the general objectives of the lesson: *to name all Four Seasons *to describe the weather of each season *to list clothing necessary for each season *to list appropriate activities for each season
 -computer or DVD player (to play video story) -book about seasons (EX: Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons or Seasons by Patricia Quiri) -seasons mini-book worksheet for students to create -pictures of activities, weather, clothing, holidays from each season -large chart with division for 4 seasons (draw a large circle and divide it into 4 pie pieces, each one labeled with a different season)
 1--Watch the Four Seasons Digital Picture Story and talk about the images seen and sounds heard in each season. Vocabulary will be introduced and discussed: winter, spring, summer, fall, weather, clothing, seasons, rain, thunder, lightening, beach, etc. 2--Read a book about the Four Seasons, continuing our discussion of the weather, clothing, activities that are related to each season
 Using the picture chart that has a section for each season, we will sort out 1-the clothing necessary for each season 2-the appropriate activities for each season 3-the weather typical for each season.
 1--practice sorting the pictures into the individual seasons 2--create oral sentences about what happens in each season given prompts for categories (weather, activities, clothing) 3--answer questions about each season 4--compare and contrast seasons through questions and after completing sorting activity
 *Visual sentence starters will be provided for students who have limited oral speech (EX: In the Spring, I see _________). *Verbal prompts provided for students whose understanding of the vocabulary is very limited to help them determine which season each activity occurs within *Read aloud all information in books and on pictures *Help students spell words in make-and-take book
Checking For Understanding:
 Throughout the unit....questioning, having students talk about vocabulary presented, complete Reading Counts tests on book(s) read, use vocabulary in sentences during activity.
 Watch the Four Seasons digital picture story again to have the students talk about what they are seeing and hearing using vocabulary learned. Provide a copy of the story for students to take home along with their mini-books.
 The students' progress will be judged based on their individual goals. Data will be kept on each IEP goal that correlates to students' performance during the unit. Examples include: answering WH-questions, using vocabulary in sentences, naming items in categories, naming categories, describing/defining vocabulary, following directions.
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