Lesson Plan : Caboodle Bags for Science

Teacher Name:
 Kimberly Frazee
 Grade 1

 Sorting and Classifying
 Scientific Observations of Items; sorting, classifying, Venn Diagram
 TLW sort and classify.
 TLW sort items based on similarities and differences. TLW construct rules for sorting based on similarities of objects
 bags with various items such as a feather, wood, bottle cap, string, etc...; magnifying glass smart board for examples paper to record
 Hold up a toy car, toy train, and toy airplane. Have students compare how these items are the same and different. Have them record responses on sticky notes.
 Draw a Triple Venn Diagram on the board. Explain how the Venn works. Have students put the sticky notes in the appropriate place on the diagram as you explain why it belongs there. Think aloud to determine similarities and then create rules for why they were sorted the way they were sorted.
 Have students look through caboodle bags and sort items that have similarities. Have students place in the appropriate part of the Triple Venn. Have students creat rules for how they sorted.
 Some students will receive a closed sort where they are given the rules and have to try to sort them correctly. Advanced students will have to try to sort them in more than one way.
Checking For Understanding:
 Informal assessment will be given by the teacher as s/he walks around and gives feedback about the sorting rules.
 Students will think-pair-share what rules should be used to sort several items that the teacher puts up on the board.
 Evaluation is based on how many students could effectively sort the items and create rules for sorting. An additional way to assess is to see how many can think of more than one way to sort.
Teacher Reflections:
 This is an effective lesson. The students loved manipulating the items and using the magnifying glass. High motivators that kept all engaged. Some students couldn't think of more than one way to sort so I know that they need more opportunities in lessons to look for the answers that are less obvious.

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