Lesson Plan : Comprehension of dialogue- reading

Teacher Name:
 Ms. A. Geddis
 Grade 7-8

 Comprehension of the To increase vocal quality in expressive language by through the use of choral reading
  oral reading of a short story or play Emphasis, Inflection, Intonation, Volume and Rate will be introduced.
 Students will be comprehend an oral reading and respond to questions following the reading.
 Students will be able to answer questions using compound sentences in 3/4 trials. Students will use comprehend use of supersegmental features (intonation & inflection) when reading dialogue in a story or play.
 (Excerpt from a play - 'A Christmas Visitor' k-w-r-l chart,Sound system w/microphone,pen & paper
  Students will be introduced to the vocabulary of appropriate inflection, intonation and volume when reading dialogue. Emphasis will be stressed on the vocal quality used based on the cues presented in a play.
 Students will take turns reading during a short play. Students will listen to clinican give example of a (good and mediocre) speaking voice during a character reading. Students will read their character reading using the same techniques presented by the clinican.
 Students be given a choral reading of one or two lines to practice using the techniques.
 Use of Amplification to intensify the reading and encourage students to evaluate themselves and others.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students' production of the lines should sound as close to the clinician model as possible. Ask students for suggestions which will increase their expressive language skills.
 Ask students how the use of amplification has or has not increased their awareness of their expressive language. Why?
Teacher Reflections:

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