Lesson Plan : An Excursion

Teacher Name:
 Nguyen Thi Son
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 An Excursion
 -Students should appreciate the modern computers that help make our life more comfortable and should know how to use them properly and economically. -Reading for gist and for specific information about an excursion to a beautiful landscape near Hanoi. -Students get information about some famous places in Vietnam.
 -write a paragraph (about 10 sentences)describing one of the beauty spots in Vietnam. -Distinguish the differences between the present progressive(with a future meaning) & "be going to". -Make 3 sentences of the present progressive (with a future meaning). -Make 3 sentences of "be going to".
 -Textbooks, large pictures about Thien Mu pagoda, Ha Long bay, Da Lat.
 -Hang large pictures of reading part on the board and give a list of famous places in Vietnam such as Thien Mu pagoda, Ha Long bay,the One-pillar pagoda,Valley of love, etc. -Ask student to match the photos with the information on the board.
 -Ask the students some questions: 1.Have you ever visited Thien Mu pagoda? 2.Is it beautiful? 3.Have you ever visited Ha Long bay? 4.Where is it? 5.Where is the One-pillar pagoda? -Let students sit in pair and ask them to match the photos with the information in the book. -Walk round and give comments when students need help. -Give correct answer.
 Task 1: Multiple choice -Ask students to read the letter individually & choose the best answer A,B,C or D to complete the sentences. -Call on students to read & explain their answers in front of the class. -Give correct answers. Task 2: Answer the questions -Ask students to read all the questions. -call some pairs to act out the activities in front of the class. -Give correct answers.
 -Walk round the class & help students if they need. -Explain meaning of new words & phrases.
Checking For Understanding:
 -Ask students to read the summary of the letter carefully. -Ask students to fill each blank in the summary task with a suitable group of words. -Call some students to read the complete summary.
 -Homework: ask student to write about their own excursion (100 words).
Teacher Reflections:

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